These are the organisations and people currently who have signed the statement against the witch-hunt, initiated by Red Labour.

Red Labour
Labour Representation Committee
Lambeth Unison
University of Surrey Labour Students
Ian Hodson, BFAWU National President
John Burgess, Barnet UNISON Secretary, left candidate for UNISON general secretary
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour Under 19s Officer, Tamworth CLP
Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President Welfare, Streatham CLP
Andrew Berry, UNISON National Labour Link Committee
Becky Crocker, RMT Women’s committee chair, Streatham CLP
Daniel Nichols, TULO, Romford CLP
Deborah Hermanns, Tottenham CLP / NCAFC
Josh Chown, Chair of Surrey Labour Students, Youth Officer of Guildford Labour
Pete Firmin, TU Liaison Officer, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Paul Bell, Lewisham councillor
John Paschoud, Lewisham councillor
Jenny Luck, Lewisham West and Penge CLP Vice Chair Campaigns
Jem Guner, Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
James Schneider, Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Ola Idowu, Lewisham
Martin Powell-Davies, Lewisham NUT Secretary
David Barrett, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Arthur Shaw, Bromley TUC Treasurer
Alfred Purslow, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Aisling Gallagher, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Nadine Houghton, Camberwell and Peckahm CLP
Michael Chessum, Tottenham CLP, Labour Young Socialists Committee
Ellie Clarke, Holborn and St Pancras CLP, LYS Committee
James Goodman, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Chery McLeod, Unite
Jill Mountford, Lewisham Momentum
Alex Etches, Campaigns and Activities Officer, Goldsmiths SU
John Edwards, Brockley Labour Party
Bill Walther, NUT, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Cliff Graham, Unite the Union
Anita Downs, Unite the Union
Gbemi Ayininuola
James Doran, convenor of Teesside People’s Assembly, Labour and Co-operative Party, Unite member, Darlington
Greg Peakin, UCU
Toby Abse, UCU
Finlay McIntosh, ITF, Unite member
Esther Townsend, Lewisham and Penge CLP, Bexley Unison
Sacha Ismail, Lewisham and Penge CLP Black and Minority Ethnic Officer
Damian Griffiths
Martin Allen
Daniela Walther, Lewisham CLP
Gloria Steemsonne
Jim Smith, Unite
Nathan Morrison, Aberdeen councillor
Edd Mustill, Momentum Merseyside and Liverpool Riverside CLP
James McAsh, London Young Labour committee
Kelly Rogers, Vauxhall CLP, Bectu, NCAFC Women’s Officer
Hannah Webb, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, NUS NEC
Dan Jeffery, Vice Chair, Lambeth Unison
Callum Cant, Vice Chair Sussex University Labour Society
Dave Kirk, Unite NE204/4 and Leeds West CLP
Andrew Coates, Chair UNITE LE/1860 and Labour Party member, Ipswich
Hattie Craig, Islwyn CLP
Andy Forse, Milton Keynes CLP
Samuel Cockle-Hearne, Mole Valley CLP
Richard Abendorff, Unison Goldsmiths
Janine Booth, RMT
Mark Harrison – Westmorland & Lonsdale CLP
Jonathan Maunders, Horsham CLP
Ergin Erbil, Oxford Brookes Labour Club Treasurer, Edmonton CLP
Max Munday, Sheffield Central CLP, South Yorkshire Unite Community
Vijay Jackson, Edinburgh Momentum, Edinburgh Student Left Forum, Hastings and Rye CLP
Tim van Tinteren, ASLEF Sheffield Northern LLC Secretary.
Vicki Morris, University of Nottingham Unison
Nicholas Csergo, Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Kieran Miles, GMB, Croydon North CLP
Jennie Brown, Milton Keynes North CLP
Sue West, Milton Keynes North CLP
Dominic Johnson, Lewisham
Sheila Sheppard, Milton Keynes North CLP
Simon Hewitt, Leeds Central CLP
Dr Brian Robinson, Member of Doctors in Unite (MPU); Milton Keynes CLP
Gareth Shlomo Anker. Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Keith Dunn, Tottenham CLP
Dorothy Macedo, Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Ariel Moshe, Sheffield Central CLP & Unite
Yoni Higgsmith, East Finchley CLP
Dave Isaacson, Unite the Union
Lawrie Coombs, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland CLP/Momentum
Jamie Green, Goldsmiths Unison/Vauxhall CLP
James Lewis, Sheffield Central CLP
Raquel Palmeira, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts NC
Jack Saffery-Rowe, Faversham and Mid Kent CLP
Ben Towse, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Liam Conway, Notts NUT and NUT NEC
David Osler, Hackney North CLP/Central London NUJ
Joe Wilkes, UCU and Labour Party
Gerry Downing, Unite activist
Christopher Roche, Bath CLP/University of Bath UCU
Tom Harris, Lewisham West and Penge CLP Political Education Officer
Trudy Allen, LP member, Milton Keynes
Martin Ohr, Leeds North East CLP
Jason Hill, Stoke-on-Trent North CLP
Stan Crooke, Glasgow Shettleston CLP and Unite Scottish Region Labour Party Liaison Committee
Stephen Wood, Wakefield CLP, Wakefield District Unison
Pat Markey, Northampton CLP
Rosie Huzzard, Sheffield Unison Local Government Branch
Tony Greenstein, Brighton
Councillor Joe Rayment, Bath CLP
Joe Williams, Deptford
Rhea Wolfson, Eastwood CLP, Scottish Labour Young Socialists, GMB
Freddie Seale, London Young Labour
Callum Thomas, Islington North CLP
Craig Farlow, Unite The Union Member, Sedgefield CLP
Ella Thorp, Newcastle East CLP, Newcastle City Unison
Hamish Yewdall, Keighley CLP
Russell Carr, PCS, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Liam Liburd, Sheffield Central CLP, GMB member and Momentum Sheffield.
Pete Radcliff, Beeston North Labour Branch Secretary
Councillor Greg Marshall, Broxtowe Council
Cheryl Pidgeon, former PPC, South Derbyshire and UNITE
Hannah Sketchley, Cambridge CLP, NCAFC
Louise Morgan, Bolton West CLP
Ron Cohen, Barnet Woodhouse CLP
Dan Warrington, Surrey NUT
David Avery, Hackney North CLP
Beth Allen, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Thierry Schaffauser
Councillor Dawn Elliott, Broxtowe CLP
Val Graham, TULO officer, Chesterfield CLP
Councillor Mike Rowley, Oxford East CLP
Ingrid Green, Gedling CLP
Barnaby Marder, Richmond Park CLP, former CLP chair
Eunice Wormald
Tim Cooper, Nottingham East CLP and Unite community branch treasurer
Barbara Veale, Lewisham Deptford CLP
David Graham, ex-Liberal activist, joined at the time of the election, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Duncan Morrison, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Vasco Pereira, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Denver Garrison, Lewisham
Ian Crosson, Lewisham
Pat Smith, Hull North CLP Secretary
Bruce Robinson, Manchester Withington CLP
Elin Benjamin, Manchester Withington CLP
James O’Leary, NUT, Manchester
Charlie Winstanley, Unite, Manchester
Robbie Bennett, Unite, Manchester
Tom Blackburn, Unite, Manchester
Pat Daley, Unison, Manchester
Paul Crean, UCU, Manchester
Navendu Mishra, Unite, Manchester
Leigh Drennan, Unite, Manchester
Aidan Williams, Unison, Manchester
Martin Judd, Manchester Central CLP, Unite
Fran Leach, Unite, Manchester
Michael Dodd, CWU, Manchester
Daniel Bluer, Manchester
Gary Smillie, NUT, Manchester
Dan Callaghan, Altrincham and Sale West
Ed Potts, PCS, Manchester
Ian Park, Unite, Manchester
Peter Towney, Unison, Manchester
Louise Ellis, Unite, Manchester
Emily Jones, Levenhulme CLP, Unite Community
Rick Lighten, Unison, Manchester
Karen Hennessey, Gordon CLP, GMB
Lauren Stacks, Manchester
Andrew Western Manchester
Sara Livesey, Manchester Central CLP
Kim Tunstall, Unison, Manchester
Ben Jackson, Salford and Eccles CLP
Deej Lashley-Johnson, BME Officer, Manchester Uni SU
Ellie Clarke
Pete Keenlyside, CWU, Manchester Withington CLP
Chris Marks, Manchester Withington CLP, PCS
Connor Naismith, Stretford and Urmston CLP, Unite
Richard Parks, Crewe and Nantwich CLP
Greg Dash, Whalley Range
Tim Heaston, Urmston
Roger Howard, Hulme
Linda Goodacre, Manchester Within CLP, UCU
Annette Wright, Withington CLP
Stephen Laveny, Stretford and Urmston CLP
Peter Evans, Salford and Eccles CLP, Unite
James Walkling, Salford and Eccles CLP, Unison
Debbie Hilal, Chorlton Park
Josie Tetter, Gordon CLP
Hadam Howard, Gorton CLP
Ed Yates, Manchester
Helen Russell, Mid Worcestershire CLP & Unite
Joseph Leigh, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Philip Inglesant, Vauxhall CLP/UCU
Emily Muna, Leytonstone CLP
Ellie Litten, Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Lawrie Coombs, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland CLP/Momentum
Ian Towson, Battersea and Wandsworth CLP
Lucy Ismail, Streatham CLP
Joe Philips, Newark CLP
L Davy, Southport CLP
Wendy Mustill, Heeley CLP
Cameron Dunleavy, BIrkenhead CLP
John Davies, Liverside CLP
Ka Murphy, Wallavey CLP
A.Mamms, Wallavey CLP
T williamson, Wavertree
P Jones, West Derby
Alison Claus, West Derby
Jenny Long, West Derby
Katherine Long, West Derby
Neil Thompson, West Derby
Liam Moone, West Derby
Dave Wabh, LTUC President
Bob Walker, Unite
Tom Manning, Halenwood and Garstoon CLP
Mel Guilfoyle, Wallasey CLP
Joseph Cullen, West Derby CLP
Martin Thomas, Islington S. CLP, NUT, Unite
David Mawer, Wirral South CLP
Lynne Leech, Wirral South CLP
Michael Parsons, Southport CLP
Robert Grimes, St Helens South and Whiston
Ron Cooper, West Lancs
Phil Maxwell, Wavertree CLP
Angella Hayden, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Colin Wilkes, St Helens Mortull
Suz Taylor, Riverside CLP
Gavin Wadeson, St Helens North CLP
Marttin Keown , Wallasey CLP
NIck wall, Wallasey CLP
Steph Gregory, Wallasey CLP
Unsula Cardim, Wallasey CLP
James Jackson, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Val Purcell, New Brighton
Christine Parcell, Birkenhead CLP
Mike Homfrey, Boothe CLP
MIke Gasken, Wallesy CLP
Kathy Miller, Wallasey CLP
Chrstine Roberts, Wallasey CLP
Helen Marks, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Helen Skinner, Broxtowe CLP, NUT
Christine Rimmer, Broxtowe CLP
C McAskill, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Lucy El-Shafi, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
David Snow, Tottenham CLP
Avi Chia, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Luke Durigan, Tottenham CLP
Hannah Thompson, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Paul Kershaw, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Dave Hodge, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Tracey Burton, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Sue Hughes, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Barbara Lisicki, Tottenham CLP
Daniel Stone, Tottenham CLP, Unite
Luci Davin, Tottenham CLP, Unite Community
Nick Rogers, Tottenham, PCS
Amanda MacLean, Tottenham GMB
Sam Doherty, Hornsey and Wood Green, Unison
Nick MacWilliam, Unison
Lynda Brennan, NUT
Terry McGrath, Crouch End ward
Will Poole, Fortis Green ward
Hilary Adams, Bruce Grove ward
Phil Rose, Bruce Grove ward
Doug Thorpe
Simon Hester
Janet Evans, Wood Green ward
Alan Watts, Wood Green
Richard Mazz, Bounds Green
Zena Brabazon, Tottenham Hale
Paul Mackney
Rod Wells, West Green ward
Andrew Walkley, Harringay ward
Sam Greenwood, Doncaster North CLP, Wakefield District Unison
Patrick Hall, Leeds Central CLP, Unite Community
Rebecca Allan, Leeds North East CLP, PCS Yorkshire secretary
Chris Close, Unite, Leeds North West CLP
Mick Hooson, West Yorkshire NAPO, NE Leeds CLP
Michael Sykes, Rothwell and Elmet CLP, LGBT Labour Leeds
Damian Colman, Leeds
Matthew Kelly, Leeds
Dale Jones, Leeds
Neil Rhodes, Leeds Central, Unison Leeds
Ben Mayor, Leeds Unison Youth Officer
Simon Hewitt, Leeds Central CLP, UCU
Javeria Moughal, Leeds Central CLP
Elijah Traven, Hull West and Hessle CLP, Unite
Helen Murrell, Labour North
Tony J, Hayes and Harlington
Martyn Meacham, Rhondda Cynon Taf
Peter Underwood, Birmingham Ladywood CLP, Unite
Joe Wilkes, Labour Party, UCU
Positions held: UCU rep Labour party member
Daniel Platts, Wentworth & Dearne CLP, Unite, Momentum Rotherham
Rupert Holman, Broxtowe CLP, Unison Labour Link Officer, University of Nottingham branch
Rick Evans, North Warwickshire CLP and Unite the Union, local equalities officer
John Walsh, Rushcliffe CLP
George Timlin, Warwick and Leamington CLP
Jimmy Macintyre, Milton Keynes North CLP, Unite the Union
Jack Sheen, Lewisham Deptford CLP
John Thatcher, overseas member
Mick Sidaway, North Norfolk CLP, RMT activist
David Burgess
David Baynes, Burnley
Steve Mckenzie, Erith and Thamesmead, CLP, Unite
Derek Hansford, Bexhill & Battle CLP, CWU, Unite SE /6253 Branch Equality Officer
Jean Thirtle, North Norfolk CLP, Unison, Secretary, North Norfolk TUC
Liz Askins, Middlesbrough CLP, Napo branch membership secretary
Brenda Stephenson, City of Durham CLP
Carol Berry, Durham
Fiona Ranson, Durham, NUT
Sharon Harris, Unite
Lyn Boyd, North Durham CLP
Jane Warren, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CLP
Michael Evison, Unite
Wendie Evison
Steven Lloyd
Richard Hoffmann, Congleton CLP, Unite Community
Elizabeth Greener, North Durham CLP
Shauna Blain
Josh Petzoldt, Gospel Oak Labour Party and UCL Unison
John David Hopper, NW Durham CLP
Isobel Urquhart, UCU
Alan McGuckin, Penrith and the Borders CLP, Cumbria County Councillor
Barnaby Marder, Richmond Park CLP
Dugald Ferguson, Norwich South
Tina, Sheffield Central CLP
Neil Griffin, Durham CLP and NUT
Shirley Wells, NUT retired member
Florence Anderson, Houghton and Sunderland South CLP, GMB
Jim Malone, Dundee CLP, Fire Brigades Union
Simon Boxley, Chichester CLP, UCU branch secretary and NUT
Eric Evans, NUT