Vote now for Momentum to submit anti-purge proposal to Labour’s Democracy Review

Newcastle Labour, Momentum and Unison activist Ed Whitby has submitted the following proposal to the Momentum’s online voting system for proposals to the Labour Democracy Review.

It is titled: “Reverse and prevent unjust expulsions and suspensions – for a transparent, accountable disciplinary system and a pluralist political culture”.

If you are a Momentum member, you can sign in to add your nomination to the proposal. You can find it on the site under Democracy Review “Track 2” – subsection Membership Participation and Involvement. You should have an email from which you can log in – title “NEW: Use our Digital Platform for Labour’s Democracy Review!”

Please help it get to the top so we can push Momentum to submit. The deadline is Friday 16 February at midnight.


Reverse and prevent unjust expulsions and suspensions – for a transparent, accountable disciplinary system and a pluralist political culture

The vast majority of the many expulsions and suspensions since 2015 have been politically unjustified/unjust and violated natural justice. They have prevented and discouraged new members with valuable skills and talents from getting involved, created a culture of intimidation in parts of the party, and wasted valuable resources on such persecution – all weakening our ability to take on the Tories and campaign to change society. Therefore

• The Chakrabarti report’s recommendations should be implemented.
• The first part of rule 2.I.4(b), auto-exclusion for any member who “joins and/or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party” should be scrapped – as per the rule change already going to conference this year … All Labour-supporters should be welcome in Labour: membership of particular Labour-supporting organisations or previous left-wing activity should be irrelevant.
• The practice of auto-exclusion should be abolished. Everyone should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty and get a proper procedure including advance notice of charges, the right to evidence submitted against them and the identity of the accuser/s, consultation with their CLP and branch, a full hearing, and the right to an appeal. Membership rights should not be removed until procedures are completed. This should apply retroactively to those denied these rights.
• Responsibility for these issues should be transferred from the vGovernance and Legal Unit” (previously Compliance Unit) to elected bodies and officials.


Reinstate expelled socialists in Haringey

To sign the call email

Gemma, Ben, Monty, and Ed have all been expelled from the Labour Party for association with the socialist group Workers′ Liberty, and have had their requests for due process continually ignored or delayed.

Tim Rouse Secretary, Woodside ward, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP said:

“Woodside branch would benefit greatly from Gemma, Ben and Monty′s readmission into the party, and as a branch we have agreed that, ‘The Labour Party should be a welcoming environment for different shades of opinion on the left, and differences should be dealt with politically through discussion and not by administrative means and exclusions. There should be no ban on memberships of campaigns or organisations as long as they are not campaigning against the election of a Labour government or Labour councils.”


We the undersigned support the reinstatement of Gemma Short, Ben Towse, Monty Shield, and Ed Maltby to Labour Party membership.

Celia Dignan, Chair, Horney & Wood Green CLP
Tim Rouse, Secretary, Woodside BLP, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Vinothan Sangarapillai, Secretary, Noel Park BLP, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Liam McNulty, Chair, Noel Park BLP, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Lotte Collett, Vice-chair, Noel Park BLP, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Cllr Zena Brabazon, councillor for Harringay Ward, Tottenham CLP
Cllr Peray Ahmet
, councillor for Noel Park, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Khaled Moyeed, council candidate for Noel Park BLP, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Josh Gamble, Muswell Hill Branch Youth Officer, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Phil Rose
, Bruce Grove, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Kate Harris
, Woodside Branch Vice Chair, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Raquel Palmeira, Woodside Branch BAME Rep, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Dave Hodge, Noel Park, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Julie Davies, St Ann’s VC membership, Tottenham CLP
Laura Berryman, Bruce Grove, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Keith Potts, Fortis Green Membership Secretary, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Michael Hodge, Tottenham Hale Vice Chair Campaigns, Tottenham CLP
Charly Allen, Crouch End branch chair, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Janet Shapiro, Muswell Hill GC Delegate, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Bernard Goyder, St Ann’s, Tottenham CLP
Gareth Mostyn, Bounds Green GC Delegate, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Mumtaz Khan, Fortis Green Vice Chair, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP

To add your name email

Reinstate Max and Rosie – motion passed to go to Sheffield Heeley CLP

The following motion was passed at Gleadless Valley Labour Party branch and will go forward to Sheffield Heeley CLP.  For a statement by Max (pictured above with John McDonnell) explaining his case see below and for Rosie’s statement see here.


This Meeting Notes:
1. The motion passed by GV ward, in Nov 16, calling on the NEC “to agree that disciplinary action should not be used in cases of political disagreement, within the remit of agreeing to the party’s overall aims.”
2. The motion passed by our CLP, in Nov 17, opposing, “all McCarthyite auto exclusions on political grounds.”
3. The auto expulsion of 2 members of GV ward, Rosie Huzzard and Max Munday from the Party, with no recourse to defence or appeal.
4. Rosie and Max have always been Labour supporters and have shown strong commitment to ensuring the election of a Labour government – including actively campaigning for Louise Haigh in the last general election despite their expulsions;

This meeting calls:
on the NEC to reinstate Rosie Huzzard and Max Munday as full members of the Labour Party.

We deplore the lack of due process and demand that if allegations are made that may warrant expulsion then members should be able to appeal.

We agree to send this motion to the CLP and to NEC members.

“Proscribed organisations no longer exist”

The recent Sunday Times article on some excluded left-wingers being readmitted to the Labour Party was very thin, utterly sensationalist and full of inaccuracies. However it did include the following, very much of interest:

“A senior party source told the paper it no longer recognised the list of proscribed organisations so people linked to them could not be banned.

“The source said: ‘There is a debate about whether these existed at points in Labour history. Our view is that they no longer exist.'”

We should trumpet this loudly and demand similar clear and public statements from the leadership. At the same time, expulsion notices of those linked to socialist currents within the party have not cited “proscribed organisations”. Instead they have cited rule 2.I.4(b), which states that “a member of the Party who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party… shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member”. Clearly this is only ever applied to organisations on the left, never eg Progress or Labour First.

We should get as many of those expelled for being left-wing activists, under this or other justifications, readmitted now as we can. At the same time we need to remove that part of the rule – which is what our rule change coming up at Labour conference this autumn does.

Lewisham Deptford CLP calls for reinstatement of excluded members

On 8 February the following motion, submitted by New Cross Branch, was passed at Lewisham Deptford CLP’s GC with over 60pc of the votes. This followed strong opposition from the right, several of whose speakers argued specifically to exclude the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

An amendment to change reinstatement to a review was also heavily defeated.

The CLP has also voted to campaign specifically for the reinstatement of expelled Lewisham Momentum co-chair Jill Mountford.

All supporters of Labour Party welcome in Labour Party

This meeting notes

The Labour Party Rule Book 2017, Chapter 2 Membership rules, Clause I Conditions of membership, sub clause 4 Exclusions, (B) reads as follows:
“A member of the Party who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party, or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, or publicly declares their intent to stand against a Labour candidate, shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member, subject to the  provisions of Chapter 6.I.2 below of the disciplinary rules.”

This rule has been used to exclude LP members with no defence, no appeal and no public review of the evidence.

This meeting believes,

Labour’s membership should be open to all who share our values and support Labour’s election campaigns.

In the spirit of post-election unity [the motion was originally submitted not long after the general election], this branch calls for the reinstatement of automatically excluded members.

This meeting calls/GC instructs on the CLP Secretary to write to the General Secretary and the NEC calling for the reinstatement of those auto-excluded under Rule 4.I.2.B

STATEMENT: End and reverse unjust expulsions and suspensions

We are relaunching this statement Stop the Labour Purge put together with Red Labour.

With a stronger left majority on Labour’s NEC, a new head of its Disputes Committee and a number of comrades reinstated, now is the time to step up this fight. Please sign the statement and share.


Ronnie Draper, Gen Sec of the BFAWU“I would encourage all members of the Labour Party to campaign for an end to expulsions, exclusions and suspensions of socialists who may have different views to those laid down prior to the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as our leader – and to start by signing this statement.”
Ronnie Draper (General Secretary, BFAWU)

Please add your name by using the online form below the statement.

With the new situation in the Labour Party, bureaucratic persecution of left-wing activists and use of expulsions and suspensions as a factional weapon against the left must end.

We are in an absurd situation where many people who campaigned energetically for the party in the General Election are excluded from membership. Changing this is an important part of the campaign to transform Labour.

The labour movement needs all its forces to take on the Tories, and we need a democratic party in which political differences are not used as a justification for bans and witch-hunts.

We call for a genuinely transparent, accountable system for membership and disciplinary disputes, with due process for all, in line with natural justice. Everyone should be informed of allegations in writing – not via the press! – and have a proper hearing before any decision is made.

Crucially there should be a valid appeals system. Trawling through social media looking for justifications for disciplinary action must end (recent rulings indicate that this trawling contravenes data protection law).

We call for responsibility for these issues to be transferred from the party “Governance and Legal Unit” (until recently called the “Compliance Unit”) to a genuinely accountable body.

Everyone who supports Labour should be welcome in the party, subject to normal rules, which should be applied consistently. Previous left-wing activity should be irrelevant; so should membership of other political organisations compatible with Labour. Members of, eg, Workers’ Liberty or Socialist Appeal should no more be excluded than other members of Momentum or members of Progress or supporters of the Morning Star are.

Everyone denied an appeal should get one. People expelled essentially for being left-wing activists should be readmitted now. Similar democratic principles should apply to local Labour Party CLPs or Branches which are suspended or held in special measures.

We call for the leadership to take determined action on this. Meanwhile we will build a grassroots campaign.

Ronnie Draper, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union general secretary
Joshua Bennett Lovell, County Councillor – Old Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Stevenage CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Heather Mendick, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP secretary
Dave Levy
, Lewisham Deptford CLP EC member
Chris Bright, Camerwell and Peckham CLP, Farraday ward treasurer, Unison
Dawn Manners, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Dave Lewis, Camberwell and Peckham CLP, Brunswick Park ward secretary
Pat Stone
, Camberwell and Peckham CLP, Brunswick Park ward second auditor, NUT
Roy Stone, Camberwell and Peckham CLP, Brunswick Park
Rosie Woods, Harrow Momentum chair
Dave Waller
, Hounslow, NUJ
Lettice Drake
, Ealing
Jessica Weer, Southwark
Ellie Kennedy, Hackney
Michael Poku, Enfield North CLP
David Stoker
, Tower Hamlets Labour, NEU
Jon Fisk, Croydon North CLP
Rachel Salmon, Walthamstow West, Hackney Unison convenor
Linda Foord, Maldon CLP, Momentum supporter
Dot Walker, Maldon CLP
Stephen Aseford, CLP Disability Officer, Croydon
Judy Atkinson, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Kate Thomas, Formerly Vice Chair Community Engagement, Joint Secretary for Falmouth; Penryn Labour & Campaign Coordinator for Cornwall Labour. Truro & Falmouth CLP, Momentum supporter, Community
Yvonne Gibbins, Grantham & Stamford CLP, GMB
Arber Berisha, Ealing
Patrick O’Gorman, Wallasey CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, ASLEF, unite
Guy Dagul, Henley, MU
David Thompson, Fylde CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, IWW
Julia Parry-Jones, Newark CLP
Les Hearn, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, NUT (NEU)
Alicia Hegarty, Womens Officer, southend west CLP, Momentum supporter
Ross Cooper, Islington North CLP, Momentum supporter
Paul Harris, South Leicestershire, Momentum supporter
Glyn Royds, Arfon CLP
Tim Cooper, Treasurer Nottingham Unite Community, Nottingham East CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, GMB
Callum Salfield, Unite Community North Derbyshire Branch Media Officer, Chesterfield South BLP Vice Secretary, Chesterfield CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Jason Hill, CLP chair, Stoke-on-Trent North & Kidsgrove CLP, MU
Alex Blenkhorn, Denton & Reddish CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Jeanne Le Rendu, Cardiff West CLP, Momentum supporter, NUT
Dr Alan Maddison, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP, Purged from membership, UNITE
Sid Ledward, Wallasey CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Maria Carroll, CLP secretary, Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, RCN
Pat Markey, Chair, Castle Division (Northampton), Northampton South CLP, Momentum supporter, NEU (NUT)
Stuart Mcmillan, Sheffield Central CLP, Momentum supporter
Thomas George, Lewisham CLP
Vanessa Trentham, Romsey & Southampton North CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Laura Stuart, Hendon CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Kenneth Elmer, Broxtowe CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
David Andrew Gannon, Wavertree CLP, Momentum supporter
David Watson, Former Walthamstow CLP fundraiser, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, National Education Union
Pauline Gibbons, Secretary of ward., walton CLP, UNITE
Debra Ergen, Chairperson Warrington & District socialist party, Warrington, Socialist party member
Labina Basit, Uxbridge & South Ruislip CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Christopher Richardson, South Nottingham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Michael Hogan, Liverpool Wavertree CLP, UNISON
Ben Towse, Previously UCL Labour Campaigns Officer and Hornsey and Wood Green CLP GC Delegate, Momentum supporter, purged from membership, UCU
Mary Findlay, Weaver Vale CLP
Jeffrey Rawlinson, Walton, Liverpool CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Peggy Breckin, Calder Valley CLP
Annmarie Collins, Norfolk CLP
Mick Sidaway, Waveney valley CLP, Momentum supporter, RMT
John Cagan, Dawn CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
B Wood, Corby CLP, UNITE
Gaynor Richards, Bolton North East, Purged from membership
Mike Addison, Sunderland
Sheila Ravnkilde, GC delegate, Broxtowe CLP, Momentum supporter
Janet Myatt, Northfield CLP, Momentum supporter
Dr Jeff Merrifield, Shetland CLP
Alan Falconer, Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, Prospect
Caz Walker, Eden branch secretary, Penrith & the Border CLP
Terry Russell, Bristol West CLP, Momentum supporter
Keith Simpson, Chair – Musselburgh Branch LP, Midlothian North & Musselburgh CLP, Momentum supporter, Retired
Kevin Harrison, South Suffolk. CLP, Momentum supporter, Ex AEU (retired)
Moira Burrow, Falkirk west CLP, Momentum supporter
Brian Blake, Leytonstone & Wanstead CLP, Momentum supporter
Paul Martin, Rushcliffe CLP, GMB
Graham Turvill, Holdeness, Momentum supporter, GMB
Sam Clements, Activist, Hertsmere CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Anne Iliffe, Harborough CLP
David Hassall, Chesterfield CLP, Momentum supporter
Colin O Driscoll, Co-Chair Labour International CLP (elected position won after being unsuspended), Labour International CLP, Momentum supporter, R+D
Caroline Powls, Steward, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Bay Whitaker, Branch delegate to CLP, Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Faraz Yusufzai, cambridge CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Bernard Grant, Wells Somerset CLP
Linda Davis, East Worthing & Shoreham CLP, Unison (retired member)
Sue Grant, Exeter CLP, Unison
Paul Hepden, Croydon North CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership
Mary Carlin, Provan CLP
Iain Rendell, Rutland & Melton CLP
Angela Graham, Isle of Wight CLP, UNITE
Jacqueline Crane, rutland & melton CLP
Harrison Rendell, rutland & melton CLP
Charlotte Rendell, rutland & melton CLP
Craig Fraser, TULO, Cheltenham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Don Hanney, Swansea East CLP
Allan Pearson, South Ribble CLP
Clare N Ayton-Edwards, Kenilworth & Southam, Purged from membership, UNITE, PCS
Daphne Gilbert, Hexham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Thomas Fallows, Chair of Young Labour – Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr CLP, Constituency Coordinator – West Wales Momentum, Momentum supporter, UNITE
David Hooke CLP Disability Officer, S Islington & Finsbury CLP, Momentum supporter, Community
Mike Cushman, Former UCU Branch Secretary, Streatham CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UCU
Max Tasker, Town Councillor, CLP Political education officer, Clwyd West CLP, Momentum supporter
Vijay Jackson, Members’ Rep of Scottish Labour Young Socialists, Treasurer of Momentum Edinburgh, Edinburgh Central CLP, UNITE
Andy Thomas, Vauxhall CLP, Momentum supporter
Brian Williams, ., Hackney North CLP, Momentum supporter, None
Cathy Crowther, Alnwick Branch Committee Member, Berwick Upon Tweed CLP, UNITE
Peter Swift, No, Newark CLP, UNITE
James Bickerton, retired, 41 years member of NALGO, City of Chester CLP, Momentum supporter
Linda Aalbregt, West Leeds CLP, UNISON
David Wise, Lichfield CLP, Momentum supporter
Robert Davies, Cardiff  Sth  West CLP, Momentum supporter
Carlos Soto, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Momentum supporter, BECTU
Debbie Friedman, FInchley & Golders Green CLP, Momentum supporter
Diana Neslen, Delegate to GC, Ilford South CLP, UNISON
Les Smith, Normamton & Castleford CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Allan Challenger, Branch Treasurer unison Oldham, Gorton CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNISON
Liam Conway, Secretary of Notts Trades Union Council, Nottingham East, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, Community, NUT
Tom Trainer, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP, Momentum supporter
Julie Walker, Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Ron Eales, North Notts CLP
P Dellow, Wealden CLP
Christopher Dale Rogers, Torfaen, Purged from membership, UNITE
Deb Knight, GC delegate, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Sue Fuller, Carlisle CLP, Momentum supporter, Unite
David John Hughes, Rhondda CLP
Marina Carter, Tottenham CLP, Momentum supporter
Andrew Hardman, Bolsover CLP, Momentum supporter, Retired
Julian Townsend, Camberwell & Peckham CLP, Momentum supporter
Clive Healiss, NASUWT South-East Derbys President., Nottingham East CLP, union
Teresa Woodyatt, Gedling CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Sharon Taylor, St Helens North CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Maxine Mcbeth, Jarrow CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Rachael Milling, Esher & Walton CLP
Lynne Neary, Truro CLP, Momentum supporter
Chris O’Donovan, Harborough CLP, Momentum supporter
Rachel Diwds, LGBT+ CLP officer, Calder Valley CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Helen Gibson, Corby CLP
Derek Gunby, Chair of Hexham Branch, Vice-Chair of Hexham CLP, Hexham CLP, UNITE
Diane Miles, Putney CLP, Momentum supporter
Michelle Ramsay, Hove, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE
Sandra Bickerton, City of Chester CLP
Marilyn Clement, Wirral South, Purged from membership, UNITE
Liz Smith, Tynemouth CLP, NUT
Steven Michael Bradburn, Clwyd West CLP, Momentum supporter
Jennifer Allan, Brecon & Radnor CLP, Unite
John Thatcher, International member CLP
Wendy Jones, Lancaster & Fleetwood CLP, Momentum supporter
Neil Thurogood, Stoke Central
David Spratt, Torridge & West Devon CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Eric Potts, Kenilworth & Southam CLP, Momentum supporter
Stan Smith, Ward delegate, Broxtowe CLP, Momentum supporter, Retired
PK Ramsden, Beverley & Holderness CLP, NASUWT
Pam Remon, Bromley Common & keston CLP, Momentum supporter, Retired
John Spencer-Davis, North East Hampshire CLP
Shlomo Dowen, Mansfield CLP, Momentum supporter
Susan Colenso, Truro & Falmouth CLP, Momentum supporter
Jimmy Macintyre, Milton Keynes North CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Kathleen Bellucci, Altrincham & Sale Labour constituency CLP, no
David Kirby, Hackney North CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
David Cannon, Peckham & Camberwell CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
David Thomas, Hove & Portslade CLP, Momentum supporter
Ian Love, Secretary, Southsea Branch Labour Party, Portsmouth South CLP, Momentum supporter
Susan Craig, st helens south & whiston CLP, Momentum supporter
Simon Craig, st helens south & whiston CLP, Momentum supporter
Andrew Crockett, Oldham West & Royton CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Helen Nightingale, Hastings CLP
Ruth Drummond, Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland CLP, Unite
Michael James, Kensington CLP
Jeannie, Heeley CLP
Simon Boxley, UCU branch secretary, Chichester CLP, UCU
Sally, Hackney North CLP, Momentum supporter, UCU
Phil Mckinnon, Scotland CLP
Andy Warren, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Momentum supporter
John Earle, West lancashire CLP, Purged from membership
Mac Clarke, Tottenham CLP, UNITE
Mitch Beedie, Truro CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Gina Deen, Worthing West CLP
Thomas Boyce, Oxford East, UNISON
Emyr Rees, Fundraising officer in my local CLP, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr CLP, Momentum supporter
Alan Higgins, Usdaw Divisional Councillor, Chair Usdaw Southern Division Political Committee, Div Rep in SERTUC, Gillingham & Rainham CLP, Purged from membership, USDAW
Joanna Caron, Leeds West, UNITE
Kevin Gray, Arfon CLP, Momentum supporter
David Rowe, Caerphilly CLP, Momentum supporter, CWU
Tony Bryson, Clacton on Sea CLP
Jennifer Barker, Sheffield Central CLP, UCU
Barry Say, Berwick upon Tweed CLP, Momentum supporter, Community
Peter Wickenden, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, Momentum supporter
Marilyn Sainsbury, Bristol West CLP, Purged from membership
Rick Evans, Chair of my local Ward Bede, North Warwickshire CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Lesley Durkin, Corby CLP, Purged from membership, UNISON
Gilda Holzman, Now retired; one-time branch chair, Harrow east CLP, Momentum supporter, CWU
Wendy Smith, Leeds North East CLP
Tahir Mirza, BLP secretary, East Ham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, GMB
Robert Walker, South Lanarkshire, EIS
Heather Jenkins, Cardiff South & Penarth CLP
Ingrid Green, Delegate to CLP, Gedling CLP, Momentum supporter, Unison
Paul Gilsenan, Relief & Wrekin CLP
Ellie Leatherland, Ashfield CLP, Momentum supporter
Veronica Bolan, Glasgow Shettleston CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Aaron Bennett, Organiser, Red Labour., Darlington CLP, UNITE
Susan Fewster, Bury South CLP, UNISON
Pauline Ratcliffe, Moston CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Roy Stanworth, Wakefield, UNISON
Maggie Thomas, Oldham east & Saddleworth CLP
John Tallon, Hartlepool CLP, Momentum supporter
Lawrence Maloy, Jarrow CLP, Momentum supporter, GMB
Barrie Rogerson, Liverpool Wavertree CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Judith Mabbott, Branch chair, Sheffield Hallam CLP, Momentum supporter, NUT
David Jones, CLP Executive Committee (non-voting), Clacton CLP, Momentum supporter
Mi Chael Richards, CLP Treasurer, BLP secretary, Cynon Valley CLP
Lynn Roxby, Richmondshire Yorks CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Avril Wooster, West Devon CLP
C Richardson, Branch Secretary, CLP Exec Committee, Unite Community Equalities Officer, Cumbria, Workington CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE
Adam Ford, LI CLP
Rena Valeh, Chelsea & Fulham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, Equity
Brian Barton, Milton Keynes North CLP, Momentum supporter, GMB
Joan Sharp, Bath CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Connie Jensen, Workington CLP, Momentum supporter
David Lawrence, Trades council, Telford CLP, Momentum supporter, PCS
Lou Brady, Stoke-on-Trent North CLP, Momentum supporter
M Murphy,  Scunthorpe CLP, Momentum supporter
Megan Foster, West Bromwich west CLP, Momentum supporter
Kenneth Foster, West Bromwich West CLP, Momentum supporter
Diane Allen, Hurst Ward Secretary, Ashton under Lyne CLP, UNITE
Ruth Setvens, Secretary District LCF, Ashfield CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Michael Parsons, Former secretary, Oxford F.E. Branch, NATFHE (as was), Southport CLP, Momentum supporter
Geoff Taylor, Kidlington; Yarnton BLP Vice Chair, Oxford West & Abingdon CLP, Momentum supporter, UCU
Paul Brooks, Wallasey CLP, Momentum supporter
Susan Dugmore, St Austell &Newquay CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Jamie Keepin, Cynon valley. CLP, UNISON
Ann E Butterworth, Bradford West CLP
Jacqui Butterworth, Huddersfield CLP
Mary Taylor, Branch delegate to CLP GC, Eltham, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE
Elizabeth Humphreys, Kemptown & Peacehaven CLP, Momentum supporter
Philip Hutchinson, Observer on ESBC, conference delegate, Burton & Uttoxeter CLP, UNITE
Fenella Roberts, Cynon Valley CLP, Momentum supporter
Carol Brigham, Haltemprice & Howden CLP
Chris Billing, Totnes CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, Nautilus UK
John Beeching, Battle & Bexhill CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
J. Birkett, Branch delegate to GC, Broxtowe CLP, Momentum supporter, UCU
Karl Greenhough, Cynon Valley CLP, Momentum supporter
John Maher, Branch Chair., Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Paul Cardin, Wallasey, UNITE
Paul Etherington, Birkenhead CLP, UNITE
Helen Brown, Wentworth Dearne North CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership
Jacqueline Cairns, Preston Lancs CLP, Unite
Ann Herald, Workington CLP
David Callow, Braintree CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership
Stephen Andrews, Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter, USDAW
McKee, Chair Lambeth & Southwark Unite Community, Dulwich & West Norwood, Purged from membership, UNITE
Veronica Ball, Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Kenneth Jones, Billericay & Basildon CLP
Linda Woolley, Equalities Officer, Cotswolds CLP, Purged from membership, NUT, now NEA
Chris Davies, Store Rep, Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter, GMB
Gordon Keegan, Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter, GMB
Anne Ardern, Birkenhead CLP, Momentum supporter
James Healy, Isle of Man port committee, Bootle CLP, RMT
David Lowton, st helens south & whiston CLP
Tony Norbury, Labour councillor for Prenton Wirral, Unison Shop steward. Branch secretary for Unite 688 branch, Birkenhead CLP
Lorna Macnab, Wallasey CLP
David Copeland, Kilmarnock CLP, Purged from membership, UNISON
Deborah Grinnell, Grantham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Zachary Murrell-Dowson, Bristol Labour Students LGBT Officer, Bristol West CLP, Momentum supporter, NUS
Ian Townson, Secretary, Lambeth & Southwark Unite Community, Battersea CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE
Paul Simm, Brighton & Hove CLP
Marion Pencavel, Keighley CLP, Momentum supporter, UCU
Elizabeth Clinch, Torridge & West Devon CLP, NEU (NUT Sction)
Stanley Beynon, Labour Co-op Parliamentary Candidate 1974 Northwich
Past EC member Cynon Valley Labour Party, Cynon Valley CLP
Winifred Beynon, Treasurer Aberdare East Branch Cynon Valley Labour Party, Cynon Valley CLP
Nicky Drury, Chester CLP, UNITE
Keith Willmott, Vice chair, branch delegate, memver of executive., East Devon CLP
Charlie Graham, Arfon CLP
Brian Runagle, South Derbyshire CLP
Diane Edmonds, Great Grimsby CLP
Laraine Mitchell, Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Clare Johnson, Linlithgow & Falkirk East CLP, None
Stephen Armstrong, Halton CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Lee Kennedy, Clwyd West CLP
Diane Jones, Communications Officer Newcastle Central CLP, Newcastle Central CLP, UNITE
Gillian Zita Chambers, Garston & Halewood CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Moshe Mankoff, Gateshead CLP
Stephen Mollison, Bury St Edmunds CLP, UNISON
John Watson, South shields CLP, GMB
Robert Davies, Cardiff West CLP, Momentum supporter
Brian Hanson, Horsham CLP
David Chambers, Garston & Halewood CLP, UNITE
Norma Parfitt, Bristol North West CLP, Momentum supporter
Josef Bryers, Herne hill CLP
Janet Addison, Brentwood & Ongar CLP, UNITE
Audrey Atkinson, York Inner CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Ann Darke, East Devon Exmouth Devon CLP
Bruce Milne, Glasgow Cathcart CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Christopher Teague, Cardiff South & Penarth CLP, Momentum supporter
Theresa Dunningham, Central Suffolk & North Ipswich CLP
Hugh Weller-Lewis, Braintree CLP, None
Lindsey Mcrae, Derbyshire Dales CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Susan Mathieson, Blyth CLP, Momentum supporter
Paul Lawton, Cotswold CLP, Momentum supporter, NUT
M Kitson, south lakes cumbria CLP
Prue Stothard, Secretary of Branch, Birkenead CLP
Keith Edwards, Chair, East Devon CLP, Retired
Sophie Griffiths, Cannock Chase CLP, Momentum supporter
Stephen Jones, Shop steward at Rockwood Distribution, Convenor at Lloyd-Fraser Distribution Magna Park, Rugby CLP
Mark Young, Louth Lincolnshire CLP, unite
Donna Moore, Ashfield CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Simon Childs, Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Pat, Plymouth Moor View CLP, CWU
Anthony Mudrak, East Oxford CLP, UNITE
Mary Mulligan, Hexham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall CLP, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE
Bridgid Herridge, Torridge & West Devon CLP, Momentum supporter
Katherine Hurley, Warrington North CLP
Alison Piet, Camberwell & Peckham CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Susan Shand, Chair Liskeard Labour Branch, Town Councillor, South East Cornwall CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Jan Bradshaw, Aberdeenshire east CLP
Cathrine Tina Spence, Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Becky Massey, Hove CLP Treasurer, Brunswick Adelaide & Central Hove Labour  Branch Chair, Hove CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Jan Bartholomew, South Leicestershire CLP, Momentum supporter
Bethan Winted, Cynon Valley CLP
Andrew Morrison, Bristol East, UNITE
John Giles, Stafford CLP
Gordon Vassell, Hull East CLP, FBU
Victoria Cuckson, Bootle CLP, Momentum supporter, PCS
Chris Helm, Knowsley CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
John Turner, Shrewsbury & Atcham CLP
Stephen Bell, Wallasey, Merseyside, CLP, Momentum supporter
Francis Richens, Vice-chair of CLP, North Cornwall CLP, UNITE
Dave Mitchelmore, Secretary East Malling & Larkfield branch, EC of Tonbridge & Malling CLP, Momentum supporter, GMB
David Stevens, Stafford CLP
Glynis, North Devon CLP
John Goodman, Rugby CLP
Melissa Fazackerley, EC – Women’s Officer, South Northamptonshire CLP, Momentum supporter
Amanda Eccles, Coventry NE CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, Unison & NUS too
Nicholas Kelly, Bootle CLP, Community
Vince Williams, Labour link officer, Lincoln CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Doreen Betteridge, Bromsgrove, Momentum supporter
Pam Wortley, Branch Delegate to Sunderland Central CLP, Sunderland Central CLP, UNITE
Shaun Laverick, south west wiltshire CLP
Martyn Wood-Bevan, Swansea West CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Rebekah Hirsch, Waltham Forest CLP, Momentum supporter
Robert Hunter, South Thanet CLP, UNITE
Mariatu Conteh, Branch Secretary, peckham & Camberwell CLP, Momentum supporter
Gary Anderson, Branch Chair, Liverpool Walton CLP, UCU
Dave Horton, Coordinator in Folkestone for Folkestone; Hythe CLP, Folkestone & Hythe CLP, Momentum supporter, UNISON
Jenny Allan, Brecon & Radnor CLP, UNITE
Kathryn Packwood, Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Katy Fowler, Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Zarria Phillips, Chair of Bristol Area Unite Community; Interim  Sec of Bath Avon Branch, North East Somerset CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE, UCU
Sean Fox, UNISON NEC member (pc) & Branch Secretary Haringey UNISON, Tooting CLP, UNISON
Pete Leyden, Dwyfor Meirionydd CLP, Unite
David Stepney, Treasurer, Dwyfor Meirionydd CLP, UNITE
Bjorn Graham, Broxbourne CLP, Momentum supporter
Eric Segal, Secretary South East Kent Trade Union Council, Folkestone & Hythe, Momentum supporter, Purged from membership, UNITE,
James Saunders, Tatton CLP, Momentum supporter, UNITE
Patricia Sheerin, Putney CLP, Unite the Community
Ian Perry, St Austell & Newquay CLP
Maria Yeaman, Dewsbury CLP
Mandy Williams, Liverpool Riverside CLP, UNISON
Sarah Sanford, Ipswich & District Trades Union Council Treasurer., Ipswich CLP, UNITE
Gerald Weaver, St Austell CLP
Katherine Sanford, Ipswich CLP
John Edwards, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Unite
Steve Williams, South West Surrey, NEU
David Lucas, Bath, Unite
Dave Ball, Finchley and Golders Green, Barnet Unison

Chuka Umunna: “Marxists should have a place in the Labour family”

On 30 January Streatham Labour MP Chuka Umunna published an article in the Independent in which he said:

“The truth is that all of the shades of left – from your Marxists to your centre-left social democrats – should have a place in the Labour family.”

Without taking any responsibility for Umunna (who is on the Blairite wing of the party) or the wider argument in his article, this is a welcome surprise. We hope he means it. We’ll be contacting him to ask for support for expelled comrades’ fight for reinstatement – including in his constituency.