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We are appalled at the mass expulsions and suspensions of Labour members, almost exclusively on the party’s left, which have taken place over the last year and seem to be accelerating fast; and at the suspension of local party units including Brighton District Labour Party and Wallasey Constituency Labour Party.


We call for the use of expulsions and suspensions as a factional weapon to come to an end.

We call for the “Compliance Unit” to have its responsibility for membership disputes/disciplinary matters transferred to a genuinely accountable body.

We call for a transparent, accountable system for dealing with these issues, with due process for all. Everyone should be informed of any charges against them in writing – not via the press! – and given a proper hearing before any decision is made; and there should be a proper appeals system. There should be an end to trawling through members’ social media, etc, looking for justifications for taking disciplinary action.

Anyone willing to genuinely support Labour should be welcome in the party, subject to the normal rules. Previous left-wing political activity should be of no relevance; neither should membership of particular Labour-supporting organisations or currents.

We call on Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and their leadership team to take serious action about all this and, if Jeremy is re-elected, to deal with the bureaucratic machine currently busy persecuting party members. Everyone denied an appeal should be given one. People expelled essentially for being left-wing activists must be readmitted to the party fast.

Signed (all in personal capacity)

Last updated  Tuesday, 18th October

Ian Hodson, BFAWU President
Tosh Mcdonald, ASLEF President, Doncaster Central CLP
Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, Twickenham CLP, BMA
Ben Towse, UCL Labour Campaigns Officer, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Rida Vaquas, Tamworth CLP, Young Labour national West Midlands representative
Lyndsay Clelland, Scottish Young Labour Chair
Michael Chessum, Momentum steering committee, Young Labour national LGBT rep
Tim van Tinteren, Heeley CLP, ASLEF Sheffield Midland Vice Chair
Ben Sellers, City of Durham CLP
Paul Mcdonnell, St Helier CLP, RMT National Executive Committee Member
Rosie Woods, Harrow West CLP, vice chair
Dan Jeffery, Streatham CLP
Monty Shield, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Woodside Youth Officer
Barnaby Marder, Richmond Park CLP, Conference delegate
Pete Radcliff, Broxtowe CLP – Chair (expelled on 8th September), UCU
Sean Kelly Broxtowe CLP
Andy Forse, Oxford East CLP
Pat Ratcliffe Broxtowe CLP and Bramcote & Beeston North Treasurer
Joanne Land, Darlington CLP, Momentum National Committee.
Nick Wrack, Southwark Momentum
Lauren Gilmour, Young Labour national Scotland rep
Jessica Laura Bernard, Young Labour national Eastern rep
Alfred Purslow, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Youth Officer
Teresa Cullen Broxtowe CLP, Borough Councillor
Sahaya James, Stroud CLP, NUS national executive
Anastazja Oppenheim, Islington North CLP, NUS national executive
Omar Raii, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP, UCLU Labour Club Vice-Chair, NUS national executive
Deborah Hermanns, Tottenham CLP, LSE Labour Chair, NUS national executive
Matthew Donovan, McPherson FEC, Burleigh Branch
Danny Filer, UCLU Labour President, Dulwich and West Norwood
Michael Muir, Uddingston and Bellshill CLP, Labour Students National Committee
Laura Cameron, Broxtowe CLP
Lorraine Harding, Gedling CLP.
Vanda Buxton, Bury South CLP
Hattie Craig, Hall Green CLP, Momentum Youth and Students National Committee
Chames Zaimeche, Gorton West CLP
Ronne Randall, Rushcliffe CLP
Robert Lugg, Battersea CLP, Chair – BECTU LGBT Committee, TUC LGBT Committee
Cllr Dan Iley-Williamson, Oxford University Labour Club Campaigns Officer, Oxford East CLP
Sean Fox, Mitcham & Morden CLP UNISON Haringey Joint Branch Secretary
Rory Hughes, Liverpool Riverside CLP, Chair of Labour Students UoL
Richard Gerrard, Vice Chair, The Lane branch, Camberwell + Peckham CLP
Sue Ellis, Gedling CLP, NUT
Kathrine Brannan, Chesterton Cambridge CLP, unite community
Matt Shoul, Gospel Oak/Camden CLP
Nick Fletcher, Derby South CLP
Ian Woodyatt, Gedling CLP
Paul Fletcher, Ashfield CLP, Unison
Dr Joseph Baxter, Broxtowe CLP, UCU
Rose Bulfin, Bolsover CLP, UNISON (Retired Branch Secretary)
Philip Graham, Islington South & Finsbury Park CLP Tulo , Bunhill Ward Vice Chair CLP, ASLEF  Industrial relations rep and Branch Secretary.
John Spiers, Lewisham Deptford CLP, BECTU
Shlomo Dowen, Mansfield (Member) CLP
Paul Scott Cree, Wimbledon CLP
Leilah Botham, Oxford CLP, NUT
Michael Arter, Mid Beds CLP, CWU
Angie Mindel, Nottingham, East CLP, Nut
Andrew Coolin, Broxtowe CLP
Graham Spencer, Broxtowe CLP
Pat Markey, Northampton Clp Tulo CLP, Secretary Northampton NUT
Howard Mott, Southampton Itchen CLP, None
Stuart Mcnall, Swindon South CLP, UCATT
James Ransford, , Chesterfield CLP, Unite
Geoff Lange, PCS Group GEC
Thierry Schaffauser, Brighton CLP, community unite
Alfred Bouch, Hastings And Rye CLP
Paul Hepden, Croydon North CLP
Naila Prat, Rainham And Gillingham CLP, USDAW
Steve Robinson, Falmouth And Truro CLP
Akilah Akinola, Stretford and Urmston CLP
Dave Farrar, retired Unison and Poplar and Limehouse LP
Edd Mustill, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Bob Cartwright, Derbyshire Dales CLP
Nik Barstow, Secretary Stretford Branch, Stretford & Urmston CLP
Alison Piet, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Matt Turner, Monmouth CLP
David Avery, Hackney North CLP. Unite member
Stuart Jordan, Truro and Falmouth CLP
Esmé Lowe, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Holborn St Pancras CLP, BMA Junior Doctors Committee and exec
Eleanor Clarke, youth officer, Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Liz Yeates, Charnwood CLP and Leicester Unite Community
James Ellis, Brighton, Hove and District DLP (Hove), Momentum Organiser, UNISON Officer.
Cari Spokes, Wellingborough and Rushden CLP, European Co-ordinator
Laura Ross, Broxtowe CLP
Liam McNulty, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Chair, Noel Park Branch Labour Party. Momentum Youth and Students National Committee
Richard Guilding
Emma Runswick, Salford and Eccles CLP
Ed Whitby, Newcastle East CLP exec, Newcastle Unison Labour link officer, Momentum Tyne and Wear chair and National Committee
Pete Campbell, Stockton South CLP, BMA Junior Doctors Committee and exec
Dave Levy, Lewisham Deptford CLP, GMB Members 4 Corbyn
Tim Cooper, Nottingham East CLP delegate
Val Marriott, Loughborough CLP
Laura Rogers, Truro And Falmouth CLP
Nigel Singh, North Oxford CLP, UNITE
Tricia Mclaughlin, Gillingham & Rainham CLP
Dave Statham, Hempstead & Kilburn CLP, GMB Holborn
Karen Pickering, Leicester South East Midlands CLP, Unison
Anna Oates, Gillingham And Rainham CLP, Medway Momentum Committee member
Andy Wales, South Norfolk CLP, Unite
Gerard Patterson, Monmouth CLP
Lorraine Penfold, Oxford CLP
Les Hearn, Holborn And St Pancras CLP, NUT (retired)
Kristian Ravnkilde, Broxtowe CLP
Yonatan Higgsmith, Hendon CLP
Sheila Ravnkilde, Broxtowe CLP
Sally Richardson, Richmond Park Clp (Women’s Officer And Ex Officio EC) CLP
Alan Higgins, EC Of Gillingham & Rainham CLP, Usdaw Divisional Councillor
Christine Lane, Grantham CLP
Russ Brasington, Poole CLP, GMB
Jagdish Trivedi, Harrow West CLP, RMT
Carol Canty, Kenilworth CLP
Claudia Calvino, Brentford And Isleworth CLP
Lucy Bilney, Member CLP
Fran Brennan, Camborne Redruth & Hayle CLP
Dora Polenta, Rushcliffe CLP
Florence Anderson, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP, GMB
Stephen Wallace, Skye, Lochaber And Badenoch. CLP, RMT Local Rep, Area Health & Safety Rep
Jean Jones, Gateshead CLP, UNITE
Gary Bridge, Darlington CLP, Musician’s Union
Jason Billin, Rushcliffe CLP
Geraldine Cowan, Lewisham West CLP, NUT Unite
Stephen Fairfax, Newcastle North CLP
Jason Everson, Witham and Braintree CLP
John Ingamells, Hull East CLP
Tom Dickson, Glasgow Provan CLP
Jean Watson, Bedford CLP
Paul Johnson, Sheerness CLP
Andy Whiteman, Labour International CLP
Allan Challenger, Gorton CLP, Unison, Oldham LG; Branch Treasurer
John Boyd, Bury North CLP
David Hart, Tynemouth CLP
Jon Hohnson, Lewisham Deptford CLP, UCU UCL (Institute of Education)
Derek McNaughton, Barrow in Furness CLP
M V OHara, Burton  CLP
Joseph Rutter, Wigan CLP
John Spencer-Davis, Harrow West CLP
Adam Ford, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP, Unite
Rosalind Austin, Peckham And Camberwell CLP
Janine Booth, Excluded from memberhip CLP, RMT, Unite, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee co-chair
Pete Jordan, Hull East CLP
Daniel Nichols, Romford CLP, UNISON
Vivienne Whelan, Bootle CLP
Sharon Gardner, Harrow West CLP
Jane Warren, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich  CLP
Paul Rafferty, Stockport CLP, UNISON branch Chair
Steve Cooke, Stockton North (Norton West branch secretary) CLP, Unite the union
Linda Benjamin, Chipping Barnet CLP
Eamonn A Fountain, Norwich CLP, Unite
Anthony Baker, Maidenhead CLP, CWU
Rosalind Cusack, Newcastle East  CLP
Rachel Salmon, Walthamstiw CLP, Unison
Martin Donohue, Hatrow West  CLP, UCU
William Smith, St Helens CLP, Unite
Ruth, Cannock CLP, Unite
Tom Norton, Retired Unison
David Besser, Harrow West CLP
Josie Runswick, Salford  CLP, LGBT Labour Treasurer, Momentum Youth + Students LGBT Officer
Catherine Cooper, Chippenham  CLP
Heather Nicholls CLP Don Valley CLP, RCN
Diane Jones, Newcastle Central CLP
Liz Roberts, Wolverhampton sw CLP, Unite
Esther Townsend, Lewisham East  CLP, Bexley Unison Labour Link Officer
Alan Matthews, Tynemouth CLP, Momentum North Tyneside
Val Graham, Chesterfield CLP TULO officer
Pete Firmin, TULO, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, chair, Brent TUC.
Bob Wood, Leeds Central CLP
Michael Calderbank, Secretary, Brent Central CLP
Councillor Barry Buitekant, Haggerston Ward, Hackney
Omar Baggili, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Pat Grady, Rugby CLP
Amanda Shaylor, Edinburgh Southern
Jont Perkin, Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Rob Mcginley, N Tyneside CLP, UCU
Valerie Driscoll, Thanet CLP
Christina Lloyd Checkley, Member CLP
Maureen Fitzsimmons, Labour party member
Janette Evans, Finchley and golders green – wood house ward CLP, Unite community
John Watson, Blackpool North CLP, Equity
Laura Knowles, None CLP, None
Maureen Hillier, fylde CLP, none formerly nas uwt
Marie Meaden, Cardiff West CLP, Unite Community
Alexandra Beach, Runneymede and weybridge CLP
Sandy Mcburney, Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Alec Shelton, Broxtowe CLP, Unison (retired member)
Sue Shaw, Henley CLP, Unite
Janice Ayton, Hastings and Rye CLP
Vijay Jackson, Hastings and Rye CLP, BAME Officer, Edinburgh Labour Students
Chaz Wyman, East Brighton CLP
Jeanie Brown, Isle of Wight CLP
Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall CLP – Bude/Stratton Branch Representative CLP, UNITE
Michael James, Stroud CLP
Jonathan Riley, West Wirral CLP
Alyson Thornton, Sefton Central CLP
Chrystalla Simonin, None CLP, None
Adam Powell, Epsom and Ewell (LGBT rep) CLP
Jo, leeds north east CLP
Cathy Chapman, Ainsty CLP, Unite
Pauline Lozoya Hocking, Withington CLP
Richard Hoffmann, Congleton CLP
Ross Collins, Gateshead delegate CLP
Jacqueline Robinson, Yardley CLP, Unite
Pam Temon, Beckenham CLP
Reverend Dr Philip Stephens, Swansea West CLP
Thomas George, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Shabbir Lakha, Harrow West CLP
Ruth Griffiths, Hitching Harpenden CLP, None
Stefania Mele, Cardiff CLP, unison
Jackie Walker, South Thanet CLP, UNITE
Norman Wood, Wantage CLP, Unite (Community)
Alistair Didinal, Croydon North CLP
Joanna Robertson, Lincoln & member of Labour party CLP
Mike Phipps, Brent Central CLP, Unite
Sam, Burton CLP
Graham Brinksman, Warrington CLP, Unite
Farirai Madzikanda, Coventry North West CLP
Ceri Hutton, Barrow and Furness CLP
Christopher Wilson
Tessa Van Gelderen, Brent Central CLP, GMB
Alun Llewelyn, Brent North CLP, Unison
Charles Blake, Milton Leynes South CLP
Mandy Freewoman, Westmorland and Lonsdale CLP, Unite
Andrew Arnold-Bennett, Member CLP, Equity member
Penny Bruce, Maidstone and the Weald CLP, Unite
Allan Jones, Withington CLP
Seff Qaid, Middlesbrough South CLP
Mac Clarke, Tottenham CLP
James Sharp, Totnes CLP, Musicians Union
Anthonu Chiverton, Mansfield CLP, Unison
Patricia Richens, North Cornwall CLP
Rachel Mcgrath, Newcastle East CLP, Unison, CWU, Equity, and United.
Liz Lindsay, Brent Central CLP
Anne Clark, East Hull CLP
Paulstygal, Rochford & Southend East CLP, CWU
Michael Richards, Cynon Valley CLP – CLP Treasurere CLP, Fabian Society, Welsh Labour Grassroots
Dr David Kirby, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP, Unite the Union, branch LE/0375M
Jim Dymond, Rushmore CLP, NUT
Mat Coward, Somerton & Frome CLP, WGGB
Pam Wortley, Sunderland Central CLP, Unite
Yvonne Parmenter, Derby North CLP, Unite Community
Andy Coombes, Stroud CLP
David Esterson, Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Alicia Beels, South Thanet CLP
Bill Walther, Lewisham, Deptford GC member CLP, NUT/Unite
Martyn Wood-Bevan, Swansea West CLP, Unite
Clare Dove, South Thanet CLP
Jeff Holt, Barrow CLP
Kay Montgomery, Barrow CLP
Moira Mcdermott, blaydon CLP
David Hirons, Leicester South CLP, CWU Leicestershire Branch. Ex ULR
Selina Postgate, Bristol CLP
Danny Aldington, North Warwickshire CLP, Cllr Nuneaton and Bedworth borough council CLP, PCS
Penny Ballinger, Cinderford CLP, GMB
John Morley, Poole CLP, Unite/Musicians Union
Angie Birtill, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, UCU Health & Safety convenor
Lorraine Bibby, Barrow and furness CLP
Peter Chowney, Hastings & Rye CLP
Barry Rodin, Orpington CLP
Michelle Laufer, Haringey CLP, UCU
Harriet Cooper, Barrow and Furness CLP, NASUWT Member
Jean Roberts, Brent Central CLP
Fiona Ogilvie, Member CLP, Unison member
Alan Runswick, Wallasey CLP, PCS workplace and branch rep and Group Executive Committee
Fauziah Petra Court, cynon CLP
Adam Lambert, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Regional Officer, Unite the Union
Valerie Marriott, Loughborough CLP, GMB
Stephanie David, Bexleyheath & Crayford CLP, PCS
Jim Dye, Preston CLP, GMB
Eric Evans, Sheffield Hillsborough/BNUT> Hon. Life Member.rightside CLP, NUT. Hon. Life Member.
Cathal Walker, Leicester South CLP
Helen Russell, Mid Worcestershire CLP, Unite
Caroline Dumonteil, Bromley and Chislehurst CLP
Katherine Lips, Milton Keynes North CLP
Mark, Labour member
Alex Stuart, Guildford CLP, Surrey Labour Students Secretary
David Cannon, Camberwell & Peckham CLP
David Lewis, York (branch membership secretary) CLP, Unison (workplace representative)
Sharon Harris, Full member CLP, Unite
Sylvia Hargrave, Sunderland Central CLP, NUT (retired) Unite
Peter Theakstone, Sunderland Central CLP, Unison
Ron Waugh, StHelens North CLP, GMB
Graham Bash, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP, Unite Community
Mollie Collins, Weymouth and Portland CLP
Thomas Swann, Leicester South CLP, UCU, Loughborough University Health and Safety Committee
Anita Kennedy, Lewisham West and Penge CLP, CWU
Gary Cummins, Lewisham Unite
Nick Long, Lewisham Unite Town Hall branch chair
Payam Torabi, Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Muhammad Tauseef Anwar, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Anita Downs, Lewisham East CLP, Lewisham Unite Health secretary
Jagdish Patel, Member, Stroud CLP
Jenny Macdonald, Hull North, CLP
Mary Taylor, Eltham CLP, Amnesty, Liberty
Kevin Treweeks, Sutton And Devonport, CLP, UNISON
Wendy, Lancaster And Fleetwood, CLP
Sara Craggs, North Tyneside, CLP, NUT
Rosi Smith, Nottingham East, CLP, UCU
Stephen Watkins, Oldham East & Saddleworth, CLP, UNITE (Committee member and past president of the Medical Practitioners’ Union Section)
John Drewery, Huddersfield CLP, Kirklees UNISON -Welfare and International Officer
Dave Wolfendale, Sunderland, CLP
Christine Wolfendale, Sunderland, CLP
Veronica Ball, Dulwich And West Norwood CLP(Vice Chair Herne Hill Ward, CLP
Susan King, Bath, CLP, Unison
Doreen Callaghan, Sefton Merseyside, CLP, None
Stephen Wood, Hayes & Harlington CLP, Unison
Kevin Littlewood, Labour Party Member, CLP
Charlotte Watson, Ludlow CLP Exec, CLP
Mick Sidaway, Waveney CLP, RMT
Ian Prior, Bromsgrove, CLP, NUT
Trefor Bark, West Harrow, CLP
Peter Millward, North West Hampshire, CLP, shop steward Usdaw
Ann Whitehurst, Stoke-On-Trent North, CLP, Unite Community & DPAC
Anthony Elliott, Milton Keynes North, CLP
Alice Cann, Harrow West CLP
Matthew Cooper, Leytonstone And Wanstead, CLP Secretary, CLP, Unite
Phil Cawston, Brighton Pavilion, CLP, Unison
Paula Clare Williams, Daventry CLP
Alison Brown, Heeley, CLP, Unison Yorkshire Ambulance branch South Area secretary
Alan Milne, Wirral West CLP, Unite
Caroline Korn, Harrow East, CLP
Mike Bird, Aberconwy Clp Secretary, CLP, Unite
Jack Czauderna, Sheffield Central, CLP, Doctors in Unite
Susan Colenso, Truro And Falmouth, CLP
Ahmed, Harrow East CLP
Suzie Ferguson, Reading West (West Berks Branch Chairperson), CLP
Andrew Berry, Islington North, CLP, UNISON, UNISON National Labour Link Committee
Tim Clapham, Labour International, CLP, Polish Journalists Association
Chris Wharton, Hexham CLP, UCU
David Carr, Sevenoaks Clp Secretary, CLP, Unite
Marcus Hosgood, Worthing West CLP
Linda Irvine, Member, CLP
Laurence Humphries, Kettering CLP, Unite
Dave Leonard, Member, CLP, RMT
Rena Valeh, Chelsea & Fulham, CLP, Equity
Patricia Oliver, Aberconwy, CLP
Cllr Angie O’grady, Aberconwy, CLP
Deborah Good, Aberconwy, Vice Chair, CLP, Unison
Helen Leon, East Cornwall, CLP, Vice-president of Cornwall NASUWT Executive
Dave Downes, Hornsey & Wood Green, CLP, Unite
Sue Brock, Eastleigh, CLP, Unite Community
Wendy Morgan, Aberconwy, CLP
Lisa Lindstrom, Liverpool Wavertree CLP
Frank Torr, Cheadle, CLP, Unite
Angela Hankin, City Of Durham CLP, Unison
Malcolm Hunter, Leicester South, CLP, Unison
Maria Kitson, Barrow CLP
Marie Lynam, Hampstead And Kilburn, CLP, GMB
Marilyn Hobson, Aberconwy, CLP
Frances Naggs, Staffordshire Moorlands, CLP
Lalya Gaye, Newcastle, CLP, Artists’ Union England, exec
David Rowe, Caerphilly, CLP, CWU
Adam Turner, Aberconwy, CLP
Joan Anthony, Ruislip Pinner Northwood, CLP
Lewis, Newcastle East, CLP, Unison steward
Gemma Davies, Twickenham CLP
Patricia Fuejo, Harrow West, CLP
Simon Boxley, Chichester CLP, University of Winchester UCU branch secretary
Leo Atkin, South Ribble, CLP, Equity
Jane Connor, Walthamstow West, CLP, Unison
Brian Barton, Milton Keynes North, CLP, GMB
Alison Bancroft, Hornsey And Wood Green, CLP
Charles Sherriff, Unite, CLP
Isabelle Hancorn, South Hereford, CLP
George Durack, Islington North, CLP, CWU  Retired
Harriet Clarke, Leicester South (CLP Delegate To LCF; Chair, Aylestone Branch)., CLP, UCU
Carel Buxton, West Ham CLP, NUT
Liz Milne, South Thanet, CLP
Tina St George, N/A, CLP, member of Labour party
Bruce Whitehead, Edinburgh Western, CLP, NUJ
Diane Pearson, Holborn And St Pancras CLP, Unison
Candy Gregory, North Thanet. Union Liaison, CLP, RCN steward
Reuben Ramsay, Hastings And Rye CLP, Unison
Tara Reddy, Hastings, CLP, Unison
Billie Reynolds, Reading West, CLP, Branch Secretary Central and East Berks UNISON
Penny Webb, Mid Beds, CLP, RCN
John Gibson, Thanet North CLP, CWU
Bev Jones, Hastings CLP, Unison
Cath Lancaster, Aberconwy, CLP, Unite
Kate Tordoff, South Lakes, CLP
Jan Nolan, South Thanet CLP
Paul Linley, Wentworth CLP
Terry Kevans, Stroud CLP, Unite
Robert Sale, Harrow West CLP, Unsion
Raymond Jones, none CLP, Unite
Mark Catterall, Calder Valley CLP, Unison
Joan Rudderham, Coventry CLP
Peter John Fox, Wigan CLP  / Ward EC member, BFAWU  / 405 Branch chair
Patrick Newman, Stevenage CLP, Unison
Paul Michalke, Milton Keynes North CLP
Kenny Fryde, Cambridge CLP
Samuel Mills, East Hastings CLP
Michael Coleman, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Paul Bolton, Moray CLP
David Morgan, St Helens North CLP, Unison  full member
Dave Mitchelmore, Tonbridge And Malling CLP, GMB
Barry Slapp, Eltham CLP, Unite
Lorraine Ford-Kousounadi, Barnet CLP
Gerry Devine, Harrow West CLP
Terry Day, Walthamstow  CLP, GMB
Christine Tongue, Thanet South CLP
Bill Myers, Leicester South CLP
Terence Flanagan, (Suspended), Hampstead and Kilburn CLP, NATSOPA
Josh Chown, Guildford CLP (Youth Officer) CLP, Surrey Labour Students (Chair)
Christine Hodder, South Suffolk CLP
Lesley Hicks, Labour Member
Veronica Bolan, Shettleston CLP, UNISON
Rosie Godfrey, North Devon CLP
Allan Brack, Falmouth and Truro CLP, The Cooperative Party
Brian Gardner, Islington South CLP
Aaron L Bennett, Richmond (Yorks) CLP [Dales Branch]
Sarah Pickett , Brighton, Hove and District DLP (Hollingdean and Stammer branch), Momentum Organiser, UNISON Officer
Imogen Goodman, Brighton & Hove CLP, Brighton & Hove Momentum
Paul Hayes, Leicester South CLP, None
Louise Carlyle, Hastings And Rye  CLP, NUT
Roger Wortley, Sunderland CLP
Zarria Phillips, North East Somerset CLP, Unite Community (Chair)
Milo Morris, North Wiltshire  CLP
Gilda Holzman, Harrow East CLP
Helen Morris, Falmouth CLP, Unite
Simon Sherwin, Bath CLP
Jim Denham, Birmingham Selly Oak CLP, Unite
Shelly Darwin, Ipswich CLP, Women’s Officer, Ipswich Borough Councillor CLP, Unite community
Chris Davies, Ashfield CLP
John Mccallum, Member unite
Alistair Cunningham, Ealing CLP
Fenella Roberts, Cynon Valley CLP, Unite
Anne Leather, Member, Unite
Rachael Willbourn, Liverpool Riverside  CLP
Dawn Evans, St Ives CLP, Unison work place steward.
Irene Sampson, St. Ives CLP
Elizabeth Barber, Teesdale Branch. Bishop Auckland. Women’s Officer CLP
Mitch Beedie, Truro & Falmouth CLP, Unite
Robin, Falmouth & Truro (Ordinary Member For The Last 40 Years) CLP, retired
Amanda Pickering, St Ives Consituency CLP
William Marlow, Brighton. Member CLP
Elisabeth Summers, Bright Side And Hillsborough CLP
Di Coffey, Truro And Falmouth. I’m Vice Chair Falmouth Labour CLP
Angela Carr, Aberconwy CLP, NAPO
Craig Fraser, Cheltenham CLP, Unite
Glynis Terry, Leeds CLP
Danny Daly, Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Jordan Pugh, Swansea East CLP, Unison
Mark Parkins, Nottingham East CLP
Stephen Garratt, Leyton And Wanstead  CLP
Duncan Mirams, North Islington  CLP, Unite Member
Ronld Phillips, Sutton And Cheam Del. To S &M Tuc CLP, UCU
Douglas Jessup, Tonbridge And Malling CLP
Dominic Booth, Mansfield  CLP
Ash Lucas, Pudsey CLP, Unison, women’s officer at Leeds Beckett University
Kathleen Bellucci, Altrincham And Sale Labour Party=Ordinary Member CLP
Paul Collins, Surrey CLP
Liam J Liburd, Sheffield Hallam CLP, GMB
Paul Z Grant, Liverpool West Derby CLP, Unite
Siobhan Farish, Dumfries CLP
David Haskett, North Durham CLP, NUT
Clare Lawrence, Aberdeen South CLP
Rosie Radcliffe, Southport CLP
Jan Malcolm, Falmouth CLP, UCU
Diane Edmonds, Great Grimsby CLP
Hugh Jones, Leeds North West CLP
Kelvyn Guest, Member CLP
Daniel Paul Lewis, Swansea West CLP, UNITE
Mark Thomson, Ealing CLP, Unite
Mick C Gorman, Wellingborough  CLP
Clare Farmer, Southampton Itchen CLP
Alison Forrest, Harrow West CLP
Emma Kennedy, Houghton And Sunderland South CLP, Unite
Paul Hellawell, York Outer CLP
Mark Greig, Leeds CLP, Unison
Michael Bowkett, Member CLP
Gill Outterside, Wolverhampton CLP
Wayne Stanley, Romsey And Southampton North CLP, CWU
Louise Drewett, Stroud CLP
Thom Berry, Bristol CLP
Austinreeve, Ipswich CLP
A Kearns, Wavertree  CLP
Veronica Alvarez, North Durham CLP
Katherine Sanford, Ipswich CLP
Wayne Hutchinson, Stratford St Mary CLP
John Mclaughlin, Liverpool CLP, GMB branch president
Tom Halligan, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Nancy Miggins, North East Cambs CLP, Unison member
Mark Twyford, Ipswich CLP
Mark Tyers, Sunderland Central CLP, Unison
Mark Andresen, Totnes  CLP, The Buturi Project (registered charity)
Chris Drew, North West Norfolk CLP, Unite
Sam Glatt, Sunderland CLP, Unite
Luxington Sibanda,
Kevin Gray, Arfon CLP
James Flack, Tynemouth  CLP, CWU (NEC now retired)
Mick White, Huntingdon  CLP
Brian Harding, Clubmoor CLP, Unite
Lynn Spreyer, Derbyshire Dales CLP
Kevin Ewert, Se Cornwall CLP
Chris Jones-Gill, Basingstoke CLP
Martin Foster, Pudsey CLP
Jack Mitchell-Charman, Herefordshire CLP
Robert Lenney, Ipswich CLP
Caroline De Max, Ipswich CLP
Jacqueline Cairns, Preston Lancs CLP, Labour
Joan Sharp, Bath CLP
Kathleen Walker, Member Sudbury Suffolk CLP
Jem Lees, Ribble Valley CLP, NUT
Peter Flack, Leicester South CLP, Assistant Secretary, City of Leicester National Union of Teachers
Heather Nicholls, Don Valley  CLP, RCN
Stephen Harris, Torfaen CLP, UNISON
Judy Hardman, Leicester South CLP, None
Martin O’connor, Waltham Forest CLP
Nicolas Griffiths, Member CLP, member
Shelley Hutchings, St Austell/Newquay CLP
Dave Wells, Ipswich CLP, Unite
Jenny Zass-Ogilvie, Durham City CLP
Maria Lourenco, Labour Party Northern Ireland CLP, Unison
Susan Macphail, Unite Member CLP, Unite member
Joseph Brennan, Bromley And Chislehurst  CLP, Momentum
Jack Dunn, Sheffield, Heeley Clp Vice Chair CLP, UNITE
Serab Iltaf, Blackburn With Darwen CLP
Cath Travis, Makerfield CLP
Christine Grant, Member CLP, Unite member
Simon Middleton, Sheffield Central CLP, ICU rep at worl
Deborah Evans, York CLP
Barbara Cairns, Leicester South CLP
Peter Beverley, Stoke Newington CLP, None
Marea Roberts, South Leicestershire CLP, USDAW
Margaret Bulaitis, Ipswich CLP, NUT Assistant secretary Suffolk Division
Jane Merlin, South East Cornwall CLP, PCS – retired
Brian Owen, Merthyr  Rhymney CLP
James Roberts, South Leics CLP
Rebecca Priestley, Barnsley East CLP
Deborah Perry, Leicester South- Knighton CLP
Carl Dean, Enfield North CLP, BAME and UNITE
Caroline Deans, Lewisham Deptford CLP
John Hardisty, North East Bedfordshire CLP
Fiona Ranson, Nwdurham Peo CLP, NUT
Alan Gibbons, Liverpool Walton (Now Suspended) CLP, Society of Authors
Selene Diduca, Darlington CLP, Unite
Maureen Parkin, York CLP
Ruth Antill, Wolverhampton East CLP
Will Haughan, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP
Simon Macfarlane, Maryhill Springburn CLP, Unite
Gail, Warwickshire CLP, GMB
Paul Tully, Eastbourne CLP, Mr.
David Lowton, St Helens South And Whiston CLP
Keith Veness, South Thanet – Secretary Of Thanet Lp Campaign Forum, UNISON
Jay Kramer, Hastings & Rye  CLP, Unite
Erin Mcilroy, Heywood And Middleton CLP
Rachel Perry, Bath  CLP
Susan Craig, St Helens South And Whiston CLP
Simon Craig, St Helens South And Whiston CLP
Trudy Sellers, Ashford CLP, None
Martin Sanford, Ipswich CLP
Hugh Wallis, Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Ann-Marie Westran, Sheffield (Not A Member Yet!) CLP, Unite (Community member)
Jill Narin, Plymouth Moor View  Tulo CLP, Napo . Branch vice chair, jcc rep
Stephen Park, Exeter Cpl CLP
Joe A, Lewisham  CLP
Leslie Smith, Normanton And Pontefract CLP, Unite
Jane Visick, Hitchin And Harpenden CLP, Unite
Audrey Atkinson, Yirk CLP, Unite
Ruth Mills, South Derbyshire CLP
Patrick Hall, Leeds Central CLP, (Vice-Chair/Membership), UNITE – Community Section
Phillip Dudd, Bristol CLP
Soodabeh Balali, Dudden Hill Brent Central CLP
Dominic Chiverton, Mansfield CLP
Jennifer Cameron, Broomhill & Sharrow CLP, Sheffield
Charlotte Barnard, South West Norfolk CLP
Matthew Gage, Houghton CLP
Paul Slade, Wells  CLP
Elaine Waldron, Hackney  CLP
Kate Thomas, Truro & Falmouth  CLP, Unite Community
E L Burgess, Swansea CLP, Unison
David Harrison, Batley & Spen CLP, Member
Theresa Thomas, Sheffield Hallam CLP, Unison
Antony Strafford, Hoge Hill CLP
Jamie Driscoll, Newcastle North CLP, Vice Chair,  East Gosforth BLP branch secretary.  Unite.
Teresa Mackay, Ipswich CLP, Unite branch secretary
Kein Hoad, Eastbourne CLP
Martin Shaw, Bolton North East CLP, Unite
Martin Mullen, Tatton CLP
Hilary Kirkman, St Ives CLP
Christina Lloyd Checkley, Labour member,
Ginnette Hargreaves Lees, Reading East CLP
Daisy Lees, Ipswich CLP
Jane Basham, South Suffolk CLP, UNITE, GMB
H Curtis, South West Wiltshire CLP
G Curtis, South West Wiltshire CLP, GMB member
D Curtis, South West Wiltshire CLP
Ali Wright, Truro & Falmouth CLP, Co Op member
Emily May Scott, Wimbledon CLP, Unite
Stephanie Mcalea, Chester CLP
Joseph Wilson, Cambridge CLP
Gina Deen, Worthing CLP
C Waugh, Brent North CLP, UCU
Susan Dalgliesh
R. Johnson,
Tottenham CLP
Jae Robinson, Yardley CLP, Unite
Kit Hardy, Lewes CLP, NUT
Doug Holmes, Wallasey CLP, GC member, UNITE
Colin Gilbey, Saffron Walden CLP
David Ball, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, UNISON
Emma Iley, Witney CLP, NUT
Maggie Gee, Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland CLP
Christopher Wortley, Bath & North East Somerset CLP
Denise Bellamy, Cynon Valley CLP
Karen Mazzon, Spelthorne CLP
Yvonne Bannister, Labour Party Member,
Allan Williams, , FBU oot.
Paddy Toner, Knowsley CLP, Unison
Clare Barlow, Broxtowe CLP, GC delegate
Liz Lyon, Morecambe & Londsdale CLP
Helen Kershaw, Bootle CLP
Liam Manning, Islington North CLP, NUT
Keith Mason, West Lancashire CLP
Jacqueline Cairns, Preston lancs CLP
Adolfo Giannini, Brent CLP
Nicky Whittenham, South Dorset CLP
Andrew Morrison, Bristol south east CLP, unite member.
Hilary Coleman, Camborne & Redruth CLP, Musicians Union
Julian Townsend, Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Benjamin Read, Camborne & Redruth CLP
Hala, Edinburgh south CLP
David Masterson, Bunhill Ward Islington & Finsbury South CLP, NAPO
Anthony Charles Green, Liverpool Waverley CLP, Unite
Sinead Masterson
Helen Tyrer
Paul Swift, Broxtowe CLP, Unison
Jan Cole, Vice Chair Derbyshire Dales CLP
Glyn Lloyd-Probert, Ebbw Vale CLP
Denise Willis, Southport CLP
L Barnes, North Cornwall CLP
Kate Thomson, High peak CLP
Rhiannon Godden, Broxtowe CLP
Sara Romero, Falmouth CLP, UCU
B Cooper
Helen Nightingale, Hastings And Rye CLP
Jon Mills, Dover And Deal CLP, UCU
Rod Langton, Truro And Falmouth CLP
Maggie Humm, Greenwich And Woolwich CLP, UCU
Linda Tandy, Tunbridge Wells CLP, retired
Simon Daly, Stockton North CLP, UNITE
Alison Dawson, Sunderland Central CLP, Unite
Mary Lloyd, Southampton Itchen (Past Secretary) CLP, Unite
Rob Foster, Cornwall CLP
Jo Manning, Leeds NE CLP
Elizabeth Dickinson, Momentum
Alison, Truro & Falmouth CLP, GMB
Amy Last, Falmouth CLP
Russell Coleman, Newcastle Upon Tyne Central CLP, unite community
M Murpy, Scunthorpe CLP
Mehdi Husaini, Middlesbrough CLP, University & College Union
Gary Pressley, Sunderland & Houghton South CLP, GMB
Christopher Barnes, Newcastle East CLP
Liam Dorcey, Truro CLP, NUS Student Rep
Mike Razzell, Truro/Falmouth CLP
Peter Reeve, High Wycombe CLP
J Melrose, Bristol West CLP, UCU
Michael Paling, Redcar Delegate CLP, unite
Christina, Wrexham CLP
Mike Veitch, Sunderland Central CLP
Ethne Brandson, Falmouth CLP
Maisie Sanders, Gloucester CLP, Youth Officer
Garreth Burgess, Warrington North CLP
Elizabeth Stuart, Skipton & Ripon Labour Party
Tim Meredith, Hartlepool CLP, GMB
Shani Dale, Harrow West CLP
Maria Lucia Cavaliere, Luton South CLP, Unison steward
Matt Kaufman, Worcester CLP
Julia Larden, Yardley CLP (Vice Chair, Policy) CLP, UCU
Alena Ivanova, Bethnal Green & Bow CLP, Unite
Jill Hailey, Hitchin & Harpenden CLP
Lee Johnson, Ruislip, Pinner & Northwood CLP, NUT
Peter Kenny, Leicester West CLP
Philomena Hearn, Clwyd South CLP, Unite
Lesley Stewart, Thornton Cleveleys CLP
Yaseen, Newcastle Labour Party CLP
Marion Roberts, Camberwell & Peckham CLP, Nunhead Vice-Chair, UCU
Malcolm Campbell, South Shields CLP, Retired Active Trade Unionist
Louisa King, Volunteers, Unite
Jonathan Marsland, Leicester South CLP, UNISON – workplace steward
Ken Young, Blaenau Gwent CLP
Esther Davis, Hackney South And Shoreditch CLP
John Wheway, Banes CLP
Glynis Nerssessian, North Thanet CLP, NUT
Jennifer Allan, Brecon CLP
Jill Donaldson, Hetton & Sunderland South CLP
Andy Warren, Lewisham Deptford CLP, BECTU
Chris McNicholas, Newcastle Central CLP
Daniel Lane, South Northamptonshirr CLP, NUT Representative
Dr Mark Beaumont, Northampton North CLP
Tom Turner, Hall Green CLP, Unite
Kevin Freeman, Gedling CLP, Unison
Tushar Sarkar, Unite / Co-ordinator, Britain South Asia Solidarity Forum
Colin O Driscoll, Labour International  CLP
Sue Mills, Leeds West CLP, UCU
Terri Sethi, Member
John Morgan, Grantham & Stamford CLP Secretary, POA + GMB
Maxine Henson, Harrow West  CLP
Jocelyne Blockley, Yate & Thornbury CLP
Dave Putson, Erith & Thamesmead CLP, PCS
Helen Baxter, Medway  CLP
Gillian Mcgarry, Sheffield CLP, Unison
Gloria Steemsonne, Lewisham Central CLP
David Andrew, Nottingham CLP
Stephanie Potts, Norwich North CLP
Nicki Dupuy, Withington CLP
Bridget Dunne, Hampstead & Kilburn Clp, Gc Delegate, Unite Community
Chris Cavanagh, West Derby CLP, UNISON
John Franczak, Hastings And Rye CLP, NUT
Clare N Ayton-Edwards, Kenilworth & Sountham  CLP, PCS
Abigail Dombey, Brighton CLP
Nick Hider, Brighton Pavilion CLP
Su Butcher, Clacton Clp (Press And Social Media Officer)
Craig Atkinson, Hexham CLP, ATL
Anna Colgan, Witney CLP
Michael Connole, Rothervalley CLP, Unison
Pierssy, Forest Of Dean  CLP
Anita Few, Corby CLP
Katrina Byrne, Member Brighton And Hove  CLP, Unite
Jan Trewin, North Herefordshire CLP
Michael Jackson, North Swindon  CLP, Unite
Winnie Davies, Cardiff South & Penarth CLP
Christine Hebenton, Bolton Se CLP, UCU
Jim Matheson, Cathcart (Equalities) CLP, Unite Community (Chair) CfS Momentum Glasgow (Secretary)
Ian Richardson, Cambridge  CLP, Unite
Sally Smith, Broxtowe CLP
Malcolm Davis, South Bristol (Member Of Lp) CLP, Unison
Paul D Cullen, Mansfield Clp, Chair Of Mansfield East Branch Labour Party, CWU
Mark Johnson, Gorton CLP
Paul Ross, Voter/Member
John Mills, Ogmore CLP
Teresa Woodyatt, Gedling  CLP, Unison
Jerry Gould, Lewes CLP, Unite
Sandra Paynter, Bolton West CLP
Elizabeth Humphreys, Brighton Kempton CLP
Ann Donlan, Mansfield CLP
Mary Kitt
Debbie Tomkies,
Wythenshawe And Sale East CLP
Emma O’reilly, Reddish, Denton CLP, Unite the Union
Ann Bonner, Mitchum And Morden CLP
Theresa Haddon
David Phillips,
Nottingham North CLP
Jean Thirtle, North Norfolk CLP, Unison
John Hamilton, Brighton CLP
Michael Deeley, Newcastle Upon Tyne North CLP, Unite
Elizabeth Ann Ross, Party Member CLP
Carl Potts, Morecambe Clp, It Officer
Marcus, Merton CLP, Unison
Micah Roberts, Crawley CLP, CWU
Gillian Kalter, Labour International Switzerland CLP
Mrs Khan, No CLP, NO
Linda Lincoln, Wansbeck CLP
Clare White, Stoke North  CLP, Unite Stoke 6110 branch
Michael Erskine, Nottingham East CLP, Unite
G Carroll, Barrow And Furness CLP
Pompousfruit, Cardiff North CLP
Chris Gliddon, Ynys Mã´N CLP, Unite
Denise Ireland, Stretford And Urmston  CLP, Unison
Sophie Fuller, Hastings CLP, UCU
Philip Tomlins, Aberystwyth CLP, RMT
Linda Reece, Calderdale CLP, Unison
Mr. Grant Sloan, Coatbridge And Chryston  CLP, N/A
David Corrigan, Rainham & Gillingham  CLP
Mari Erskine, Cowdenbeath  CLP, NASUWT
Mark Mcivor, Westminster North CLP, UNITE
Kay Green, Hastings And Rye  CLP, Unite Community (Equalities Officer)
Steven Fleming, None CLP
Mila, Islington North CLP
Dominic Waterfield, None CLP, None
Alan Theasby, Middlesbrough  CLP, Unite Community
Teresa Mohamed, Into CLP
Michaela Simpson, None CLP, None
Julie Ravenhill, Barnsley CLP, Unison
William Tankard, Walton CLP, Unison
Penny Thame, Honiton CLP, Retired
Valerie Leyland, Broxtowe CLP
Alan Johnson, East Devon  CLP, Unison member
Carol Sherriff, Tamworth CLP, UNISON
James Tracey
Matt Francomb,
Huntingdon CLP
Sheila Bates, Labour Party Member CLP, None
Ann Pugh, South Staffs CLP
Mandy Marsh, Clwyd West CLP, PCS
Roy Bentham, Wavertree  CLP, Unite Construction Branch Sec
Christine Blackburn, Swansea West Clp (Purged), none
Dainagregory, North Thanet  CLP, Unite Community
Louise Rowan, Skipton And Ripon CLP
Ange Crossley, Bristol East CLP
David Kirwan, Broxtowe CLP, Unite and GMB
Doug Troup, Ellesmere Port And Neston CLP
Simon Attwood, Richmond Park  CLP
Gary Kirwan, Broxtowe CLP
Peter Bone, Broxtoer CLP, NUT
Ken Jones, Basildon And Billericay CLP
Marie Ferguson-Smith, Cambridge  CLP
Julian James, Gedling CLP
Jo Langthorne, Mapperley  CLP
Rachel Bannister, Broxtowe CLP, NUT
Cheryl Pidgeon, Erewash CLP, Unite
Adrian Kennett, East Hull CLP, Unison Branch secretary and  Unison NEC member
Abigail Wyatt, St Ives And Penzance  CLP
Kathryn Cooper, Sherwood Clp Vice-Chair, Hucknall Branch Chair CLP, Unison
Ingrid Green, Gedling  CLP, Unison
Adam Umney, Nottingham East CLP, Unite the Union, Chair East Midlands LGBT
William Clarke, Bournemouth CLP
John Hurlston, Northfield CLP
Joseph Melling, Bristol East CLP, UCU
Nina Douglas, Broxtowe CLP
Judith Clegg, Mapperley Labour Party, NAPO
Wendy Kirkham, Bolsover CLP, Unite community
Shirley Eggleton
Benjamin Ryan,
South Suffolk CLP
John Pawson, Barking CLP, MU
Rebecca Fryer, Sheffield South East CLP, Unite the Union (Delegate: Region Committee, Regional Industrial Sectors Committee, South Yorkshire Area Activist Committee, Women’s Committee)
Robert Cheshire, Wallasey CLP
Valerie Ann Poyser
Peter Urbacz,
Broxtowe CLP, None
Glenn Warren, Nottingham North CLP, Unison
Steven Dodd, Portsmouth Member CLP
Lou Brady, Stoke On Trent North CLP
Rebecca Barnes, Orpington CLP, TSSA
Mark Gascoyne, Bakewell CLP
Mark Russell, Leeds North East CLP, Unite
Shaun Nicholls, Rother Valley (Member) CLP, Unite (member)
Christine Rimmer, Broxtowe CLP, Unison – retired member
Courtney Ives, Sevenoaks CLP
Judith Parsons, Chippenham CLP
Malwina Modrak, Sheffield Central Clp (Nether Edge& Sharrow Branch Youth Officer)
Jill Hayward, Gorton CLP, Unite
Sue Kilroe, Bristol West CLP
Glyn Everett, Bristol East CLP, UCU
Anna Thompson, East Hull CLP, Unison
James Oldfield-Williams, Salford CLP, CWU
Richard Hepple, Broxtowe CLP
Malcolm Bates, Lewisham Deptford – No Position Held CLP, Unison – member
Doug Palmer, Torbay CLP, Unison, Unity
Janet Grundy, Chorley CLP
Keith Bound, Member CLP
Karen Brooks, Mid Norfolk CLP, Unison
Carol Reece, Hazel Grove CLP, NASUWT
Andrew Doolan, St Helens CLP, Unite
Jax Agnesson, Taunton Deane CLP
Pete Yendle, Broxtowe CLP, UCU
Tasha Jones, Birkenhead CLP, USDAW
Rick Evans, North Warwickshire  & Bedworth Clp, Chair Bede Ward Branch Bedworth CLP, Unite
Matt Heaney, Labour International CLP, ver.di (United Services union of Germany)
Trudi White, Eastleigh CLP, Unite
Debbie Waldon, Brighton, Hove & District CLP
Suzanne Williams, City Of Durham CLP
Adrian Finney, Chingford  & Woodford Green CLP, RMT
Pascale Gillet, Somerton  & Frome CLP
Andy Griffiths, Hornsey  & Wood Green CLP, NUT school rep
Alex Xasale, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Hazel Salisbury, Bosworth CLP
Lesley Morris, Central Devon CLP
Gina Flett, Delyn CLP
Billy De Goede, Manchester Central CLP
Barry Johnson, Broxtowe CLP, Compass
Geoffrey Rose, Gosport CLP
Rosemary Perry, Maldon CLP
Pat Bell, Stratford  & Urmston CLP, Unison
Gill Kennarrd, Chatham & Aylesford Clp, Secretary CLP, Unite Community
Florence Liggins, Broxtowe CLP
Sylvie Harkinson, Labour Member CLP
Marie Llewelyn, Gloucester CLP
Kevin Llewelyn, Gloucester CLP
Deborah Timmermans, Broxtowe CLP, Unison
Avis Mastin, Sunderl & Central CLP, UCU
Jessica Pigg, Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Emily Jones, Manchester, Gorton CLP, Unite Community
Michael Boyle, Gedling CLP
Neil Wilkinson, Derby North CLP, RMT (Branch Chair)
Tim Jones, Gorton South CLP, Unite Community
Molly Kirwin, Lewisham  & Penge CLP, Unite
Ann Herald, Workington CLP
Caroline Toomey, South West Wiltshire CLP, Prospect
Rich Morgan, Isle Of Wight CLP, Unite
Carolyn Phillips, Louth Lincolnshire CLP, NA
Mia Colley, Rushcliffe CLP, UCU
John Prewett, Gloucester CLP, ‘- Select -none
Joe Guinan, Labour International CLP
Chris Evans, Louth  & Horncastle CLP
Antony Shephard, Wakefield CLP, Unite Community
Francis Price, Sevenoaks CLP, UNITE
Patricia Keeler, Labour Member
Irene Purcell, Wakefield CLP
Alison Waker, Labour Party Member
Julie Carney, Manchester CLP, Unite
Chris Heatley, Labour Member
Stephen Thomas, Colne Labour Party CLP, GMB
Rob Elmore, Basildon CLP, Unite
Rachel Mcgrath, Newcastle East CLP, Unison
Colin Callan, Bath  CLP, N/A
Martin Hall, Wythenshawe  & Sale East CLP
Will Hepple, Tyne  & Wear Member CLP, Retired
Lee Cooper, South Derbyshire CLP, RMT
Carol Mcguigan, Labour International CLP
Robert Hunter, South Thanet CLP, Unite
Stan Keable, Hammersmith  CLP, Unison delegate to GC, Secretary, Labour Party Marxists
Judie Roberts, Labour Member CLP, ex Unite
Pernille Finegan, Streatham CLP
Helen Colley, Stretford  & Urmston CLP, UNITE
Jennifer Barker, Sheffield Central CLP, UCL
Patricia Irwin, High Peak CLP, NUT UNITE
Clifford Roy Stanworth, Wakefield CLP, Unison
Margaret Elisabeth
Richard Pozyczka,
Norwich South CLP, Unite
Linda Johnson, Leeds North West CLP
Jim Lowe, Newcastle East CLP
Margaret Mackenzie, Labour Member
Pete Ryan, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Christopher Whittaker, Nottingham South Clp  CLP, GC delegate
Graham Nash, Llanelli CLP, Unite
Deb, Bolton North East CLP, Unison
Bill Payne, Faversham  & Mid Kent CLP
Tim Sheppard, Devon Exeter CLP, Rcn
Gaurang Morjaria, Brent North CLP, Unite
Ann Moore, Llanelli CLP
Karen, Broxtowe CLP
Brenda Davis-Bates, Northfield CLP
Jenny Semahimbo MBE, Labour International CLP, now retired ex- Unite
Kristina Ramsden, Cowbridge CLP, NASUWT
Kathryn Brown, Sherwood Nottingham  CLP
Sandra Durkin, Coventry North East CLP, PCS
Glenn Weir, USDAW Activists Union representative H&S representative
Roger Kelly, Arfon CLP Member CLP
H Greenwood, Probably Purged CLP, unison
Meg Graham, Brighton  & Hove CLP, GMB
Jeremy Peck, Crawley Labour Party CLP, UNITE SE/6144
Andrew Godsell, Southampton Test CLP, Unison
Paul Gilsenan, None CLP, None
Derek Barnett, Maldon – Treasurer CLP
Melissa Cowell, Nottingham East CLP
Maria Dean, Wellingborough  & Rushden CLP, Unite
Mike Hart, Hackney North CLP
Martyn Meacham, Supporter CLP, GMB
Harry Fisher, Doncaster North CLP, Momentum, LRC
Steve Conway, Gorton CLP
Danai Nardi, West Norwood  Dulwich CLP
Rebecca, Withington CLP
Ellis Tansley, Broxtowe Clp Tulo Officer CLP, Unite the union
Ian Hodge, Shrewsbury  & Atcham CLP, NASUWT
Glynis Walker, North Devon CLP
Peter Mcdonald, Uxbridge CLP, unite.ex chair hayes  & harlington c.l.p.
Paul Crimmins, Harrow West CLP, Ucatt
Graham Fattorini, Wallasey CLP
Eric Blackburn, Member CLP
Claire Ward, Milton Keynes CLP
Kwame, Newham CLP, Unite-member
Barbara Brown, FarehamCLP
Hazel Winter, South Bristol. Momentum CLP, MU   NUT
Ray Harvey, Weaver Vale CLP, Unite
Jenny Almeida, Streatham CLP, Unison
Pete Sims, Ynys Mon CLP, GMB
Peter Wright, Broxbourne CLP, GMB
Sharon Blackett, Southampton North CLP, unite
Chris Stephens, Camborne & Redruth CLP, None
Jez Mcneill, Bristol West CLP, Unison
William Tabarn, West Lancashire CLP
Joanne Panitzke-Jones, Totnes CLP
Alison Sendall, Birkenhead CLP
Eric Potts, Kenilworth  & Southam CLP
Joe Jacob, Worthing West CLP
Gail Marchant, Stretford & Urmston CLP, Usdaw
Caroline Lewis, Cardiff North CLP, CWU member
Carole Foster, Central Devon CLP
Carol Firth, Leeds West CLP
Stephen Cooper, South Leicestershire CLP, Unison
Susan Edgar, Barrow In Furness CLP
Lynne Hayes, Swansea West CLP, Unite
Fred Minns, Milton Keynes North CLP
Robert Walker, EIS
Tony Northover, Bristol CLP
Vince Canty, Leamington Spa CLP
Sally Llewellyn, Aberavon CLP
Dave Wood,  UCU
Stephen Walters, International Member CLP
Suzanne Bradshaw, Lancaster & Fleetwood CLP, Unite
Ruth Dunne, Stalybridge & Hyde CLP, Unison
Helen Brook, South Bristol – Member. CLP, Unison – member
Brian Mason, Swinton CLP
Lynne Aldridge, Enfield North CLP, Unison
Kathryn Hodkinson, Rossendale  & Darwen CLP
Liz Smith, Tynemouth CLP, NUT
Linda Ellis, Leigh CLP
Amanda Jones, Pembrokeshire CLP, Unite
Diane Cooke, Denton CLP, NUJ
Les Jevins, Gloucester CLP
Ian Buchanan, West Aberdeenshire  & Kincardineshire CLP
Caroline O’ Hara, Hall Green Birmingham CLP, NUT
Carolyn Jordin, Sheffield Brightside  & Hilsborough CLP
David Turton, Member CLP, None
Fay, Macclesfield CLP
Hazel Allister, Sherwood CLP, Unison
Wendy Wright, Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire CLP
Una Walsh, N.I. CLP, Unite
Tanya Mason, Ipswich CLP
Stephen Homer, Stalybridge  & Hyde CLP
Marc Jackson, Nottingham North CLP
Gemma, Wallasey CLP, Unite
Sue Curran, Knowlsley South CLP
Scott Hopper, North West Durham CLP
Chanceline, Enfield North CLP
Iain Edwards, Brecon  & Radnor CLP
Elisabeth Smith, Leigh CLP, Not applicable
Diana Davey, Torridge  & West Devon CLP, Unite Community
Perry Low, Monmouth CLP, retired
Elizabeth Gwilliam, Halewood  & Garston CLP, Unison
Jennifer Eden, Carmarthen West  & South Pembrokeshire CLP
Lesley Boyd, Rutherglen CLP, Unite
Gary Jakings, Peterborough, Rural North Branch Secretary. CLP
Pauline Devine, Rochdale CLP
Judith Morgan, Doncaster Central CLP
David Jeremy, Amblecote  & Lye & Stourbridge North CLP, Unite
Tricia , Gillingham & Rainham CLP
Mark Conway, Labour Member, None
Mark King, Norwich South CLP, Unite
Al Ogden-Steele, Blackley  & Broughton CLP
Linda Scott, Garston  & Halewood CLP, Unison
Chinedu Ikoroha, Basildon CLP
Paul Elliott-Smith, Runnymede & Weybridge CLP
John Heather, Burgess Hill West Sussex CLP
Susan Dugmore, St Austell & Newquay CLP, Momentum
Deirdre Heather, Burgess Hill West Sussex CLP
Sue Coombes, Broxtowe CLP
Harold Thomas Dunning, Llanelli CLP
Brian Wood, Leigh CLP
Elsa Hardman-Clark, Falmouth CLP
Simon Syms, Southport CLP
Janet Davey, N Somerset CLP
Kate Lovell, Hitchin & Harpenden CLP
Emma, South West Surrey CLP
Alec Price, Rochester & Strood CLP, NAPO – National Negotiating Committee
Veronica Craddock, Labour South East CLP, unison
Neil Williams, Gillingham & Rainham CLP
Helen Leach, Nottingham East CLP
Nola Wolley, Nailsea CLP
Stephen Cowden, Warwick & Leamington CLP, Chair of UCU, Coventry University
Lynne Maguire, Stroud CLP
James Wakefield, Member CLP
Luke Simpson,
Pauline Ratcliffe, Manchester Central CLP
Raymond McMahon, None CLP
David Connor, Central Bedfordshire CLP
Tony Bradshaw, Inverness CLP, Retired Boiler Makers & A.E.U.W
Lynda Sharples, Monmouth CLP, NUT
Andrew Crockett, Oldham West & Royton CLP, Unite
S Hill, West Derby CLP
Mark Simmons-Jenkins, Central Devon CLP
Peter Dale, None CLP
Dave Chapman, Margate North Thanet. CLP
Steven Smith, N E Cambs CLP
David Nicol, Perthshire North CLP
Rose Thompson, Wythenshawe & Sale East CLP, unite
Josephine, Labour Party Member CLP
Susan Dellet, Southwark CLP, Unite
Esther Lacruz, Hackney CLP
Bruce Yates, Bristol East CLP, Unite
Denise Orr, Grantham & Stamford CLP, Retired. Previous member of Unison & before that CPSA.
Mark Newton, Dunfermline CLP, CWU
Sacha Gosine, Dartford CLP
Angela Graham, Isle Of Wight CLP
Helen Boden, Blaenau Gwent CLP
James Kinsella, Christchurch Member CLP
Jonathan Smith
John Turner,
Northampton South CLP, unite
Terry Smith
Ashley Jordan,
Bexhill & Battle CLP, Unite
Samantha Parr, Wealden CLP, Unite
Steve Reed, Suffolk CLP
Ceri Ann Chambers, Arfon CLP, Unison
Andria Estell-Gibson, Witney CLP
Kevin Minnette, Nw Cambs CLP
Dr Colin Goble, Portsmouth South CLP, UCU
Carol Brigham, Brough , Anlaby & Haltemprice. CLP
Anna Lane, Wrexham CLP, Unite
Gary Heald, South Dorset CLP, Prospect rep
Luke Hanna, Gedling CLP
Jo Kershaw, Herefordshire & South Herefordshire CLP
Maureen Long, Brighton CLP
Mark Harris, Dudley South CLP
Peter Leigh, Brighton CLP
Alex Moran, Bradford West CLP, UNITE
Andrew Ginty, East Lothian CLP, Unite
Neil Adams, Stafford CLP, UNISON (MIP)
Sally Coombs, Streatham CLP, Unison
Keir Chewings, Rushcliffe Clp – Exec Member CLP
Deborah Knight, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Unite
Andrew Poxon, Labour Member
Lisa Gray, Labour member
Debbie Wakefield, Doncaster CLP, Unite
Cathrine Spence, Newcastle Under Lyme CLP
Phil Jackson, Branch Delegate, Nottingham North Clp, UNITE
Nikki Mcdonald, Doncaster Central CLP TULO,, PCS ARMS section
Liz Massey, Lincoln CLP
Samantha Welstead-Wood, Greenwich & Charlton CLP
Helen Dexter, Faversham CLP
David Winfield, Affiliated Member CLP, Unite
Lorraine Graham, North West CLP
Rosemary Robinson, Loughborough CLP
Sharon Jade Sandford, Valerie Vaz CLP
David Lowton, St Helens South And Whiston CLP
Jennifer James, Garston And Halewood Clp,  Liverpool,
Sue Mullins, Bristol South CLP
Mark Pollard, Hull West CLP
Dr Neil Breward, Rushcliffe CLP
Wanda Lozinska, Stroud CLP
Stephen Black, North Durham CLP, Unite
Alison Clarke, West Derby CLP
Lloyd Kennedy, Chairwoman CLP, Bectu MU
Joan Phelan, Chippenham CLP, Unite
Helen Meller CLP
Gifford Garry, Labour International CLP
Kathryn Jakeman, Leicester CLP
Martin Brophy, Brittany CLP
Harriet Sampson, Ealing CLP, Unite community group
Christopher Lazou, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP, Labour Member
Michele Nicholls, Gloucester CLP
Elizabeth Butcher
Emily Russ
Fee Warner,
Brighton And Hove CLP
Diane, East Lothian CLP
Nadine Peatfield, Mid Derbyshire CLP
Marion Pencavel, Keighley CLP, UCU
Lucia Asturias, St Helens South And Whiston CLP, Labour Party Member
Valerie Philp, Wavertree CLP
Brian Place, Colne Valley CLP
Melissa Greener, Newton Abbot CLP, Unison
Ruth Dell, Bristol CLP
Gabriel Broadhurst, Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Rachel Edler, South Gloucestershire CLP
Debra Jones, Member CLP
Harry Paterson, Broxtowe. Former Councillor. CLP
Philip Quaife, Sudbury CLP
Will Scott, Carmarthen West And South Pembrokeshire CLP, Unite
Cindy Bryant, East Ham CLP
Gill Lockhart, Wellingborough CLP
Dave Lockhart, Wellingborough CLP
David Lomax, Copeland CLP
Jonathan GRAIN, Holborn And St Pancras CLP
George Thompson, Leyton And Wanstead CLP, PCS
Heather Staines, Greenwich CLP
Philip Lewis, Hornsey And Woodgreen CLP, Camden UNISON Vice Chair, UNISON Regional Health & Safety Comm, Vice Chair Unison NHSC
Wendy Skorupa, Erith CLP
Patricia Bayley, South Thanet CLP, RCN
Amanda Fowler, Kenilworth And Southam CLP
Karen Cunningham, Torbay CLP, Unison
Ian Wonnacott, South Swindon CLP
David Copeland, Kilmarnock CLP, Unison, EIS
Fran Hanlon, Camden CLP
Jean Watson, Bedford CLP
Ann Short, Member CLP
Caroline Charlton, Birmingham Hall Green CLP, unison
John L Gibson, Thanet North CLP, CWU
Isha Pearce, Broxtowe CLP
Nick Franklin, Northanpton CLP
Patricia Courtney, Hull North CLP
Susan Shand, South East Cornwall Vice-Chair CLP, Unite, Cooperative Party
Jacqui Butterworth, Member CLP, Mrs.
Carole Hope, Suspended Party Member Tewkesbury CLP
Heather Sinclair, Nottingham North CLP, UNITE
Glynis Williams
Simon Draper,
Lincoln CLP, UNITE, Chair Lincolnshire Unite Community
Brian Mcguirk, Labour Member, None
Norma Timms, Nuneaton CLP
Patricia Borlenghi, Harwich And North Essex CLP, Formerly in NUJ (mother of the chapel)
Paul Johnson, Nort Cornwall CLP
John Swift, North Warwickshire CLP, Unite the Union
Robin Junga, UCU
James Barber, Macclesfield  CLP
Richard Shield, Wallasey CLP, UCU
William Van Zwanenberg, Brighton & Hove CLP
Mohamed Ghalaieny, Stretford & Urmston CLP
Lol Duffy, Southport Clp (Vice Chair) CLP, UNISON
Katy Perkins, Cardiff North CLP, Unison
Patricia Krivine, Harrow West CLP, Retired Unison Member
Mandy Williams, Riverside CLP, UNISON
Claire Lawrence, Broxtowe  CLP, UCU
Carole Hope, Tewkesbury  CLP, Ms.
Rhian Hughes, Riverside CLP, Unite
Lynn Roxby, Richmond  CLP
Tim Laverty, Labour Party In Northern Ireland  CLP, NIPSA
Andrew Howarth, Bolton North East CLP
Karen Capovila, Barrow & Furness  CLP, Cwu
Janine Grafflin, Liverpool CLP
David Hodge, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP, BECTU
Mick Mccarthy, Berwick Upon Tweed CLP, Unite, Momentum organiser BuT
Denise Barnett-Henry, South Islington & Finsbury CLP, Unite (Member)
Maria Carroll, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr Executive Delegate CLP, Royal college of nursing
Anthony Manning, Harrow CLP, BMA
Dave Ratchford, Broxtowe CLP, Unite member & UNISON Full Time Officer
Clive Trusson, Broxtowe CLP, UCU
Gerald Wright, Hemel Hempstead CLP
Lynne Neary, Labour Member, Member of Momemtum
Sarah Davies, Broughton & Blackley CLP, UCU
Heather Nicholls, Don Valley  CLP, RCN
Angie Hammons, Clwyd South – Vice Chair CLP
Mark Bebbingtpn, Bury North CLP
Sandra Paynter, Bolton West CLP, Unite
Mark Livermore, Winchester CLP
Jennifer King, Dover & Deal CLP, Unite
Maria Yeaman, Dewsbury CLP
Kevin Neil, Plymouth Sutton & Devonport  (Executive Committee Member) CLP, UNITE the Union, Momentum regional delegate, Labour Housing Group member
Joshua Bennett-Lovell, Stevenage Clp, Youth Officer, Unite, Beds & Herts AAC Youth Member
David Horton, Stockport CLP
Julie Knights, Suffolk Coastal CLP
Edward Rodger, Holborn And St Pancras CLP
Eileen Kersey, Hessle And Hull West CLP
Georgina Harrison, South Holland And The Deepings CLP, Unison
Emma Wilson-Troy, Hove CLP
Tim Hales, Shipley CLP, NUT – Leeds Division Health and Safety Adviser
Moira Steel, Norwich South CLP, Unison (retired member)
C Bonardi, Rushcliffe CLP, UCU
Karen Broady, Gorton Manchester CLP, Unite Community
Sharon Harris, Labour Member,
Gary Smith, Full Membership Purged,
Robert Beard, Sheffield Central CLP
Cliff Ellis, Hull North CLP
John Katon, Exeter CLP
Dave Lloyd, Arfon CLP
Elaine Smith, Stevenage CLP
Celia Harris, Richmond Park CLP
Mandy Longmuir, Nottingham South CLP
James Gregory, Stoke-On-Trent Central CLP
Maureen Lindsay, Keighley CLP, unite
Joanna Ivison, Battersea CLP
Peri Stanley, Walthamstow CLP
Ruth Griffiths, Hitchin Harpenden CLP
Teresa Bennett, Liverpool, Wavertree CLP
Kris Ramsden, Cowbridge CLP, Nasuwt
Jean Lane, Penistone And Stocksbridge CLP, Unison
Diane Allen, Ashton Under Lyne CLP, NAS/UWT {retired}, UNITE.
Stan Smith, Broxtowe CLP GC delegate
Jenni Jackson, Chair – North East Beds CLP, Co-op Party member
Laurence Townsend, Darlington CLP, UNISON
Jennifer Birkett, Broxtowe  CLP, UCU
Jamil Versi, Hendon CLP
Jenny Brown, Hendon CLP, NUT member.
Mike Jackson, Woodhouse CLP
Keith Martin, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Unison
Caroline Powls, Finchley & Golders Green CLP GC delegate, Brent council unison member
Damon Henry, Newcastle Central CLP
Amy Kenyon, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, UCU
Tirza Waisel, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, Unite Communities
Sashwati Sengupta, Gorton CLP, Musicians Union
Mary Davies, Barnet CLP, NUT
Monica Radman, Finchley & Golders Green-Wood House CLP
Sue Lees, Leigh CLP, Membership approved then weeks later rejected
Lia Suissa, Barnet CLP
Simon Cobbett, Ynys Mon CLP, Unison
Tara Morris, Burton CLP, Trans Officer of LGBT Labour, East Midlands Unison
Ian Hadlington, Broxtowe CLP
Carolyn Treadwell, South West CLP
Rachel Broadbent, Newcastle East CLP
Frank Fisher, Ex CWU
Gareth Murphy, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, Unite Community
Jon Wilkins, Charnwood CLP
Mark Ralph-Bowman, Henley CLP
Paul Loring, Pudsey  CLP
Michael Ellman, N. Islington CLP, Unite
Megan Foster, West Bromwich West CLP
Ken Foster, West Bromwich West CLP, Retired Unite
David Jenkins, Bridgend  CLP
Paul Doran, Cambridge (Member) CLP
Kathleen Langley, Thornbury & Yate CLP, retired
Ian Woodyatt, Gedling CLP
Nick Mc Donough, Chesham & Amersham CLP, Unison, organising steward & H&S rep.
Beth Watson, Broxtowe Clp Communications Officer & Chair Of Bramcote & Beeston North Branch CLP
Robert Wiggin, Wolverhampton Ne CLP
Rachel Bannister, Broxtowe (Bramcote&Beeston North) CLP, NUT
Ruth Drummond, Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland CLP
D.P. Dixon., Labour Member CLP
Moya Luckett, Norfolk North West CLP
Greg Dash, Gorton CLP, GC Delegate, Unite & Young Fabians Exec.
John Gordon, Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Jeremy Hawthorn, Liverpool Riverside CLP, UNITE
Janet Skilton, Harrow West
Allan Pearson, South Ribble CLP
Alistair, Monmouthshire CLP
Steve Davis, Bexhill & Battle CLP
Jonah Morris, Tynemouth CLP, North Tyneside UNISON Labour Link Officer
Paul Lawton, Cotswold CLP, NUT
Elizabeth Garratt, Calder Valley,
Chris Spence, Newcastle-Under-Lyme CLP Assistant Secretary CLP, CWU & Unite Community
Susan Moffat, Newcastle Under Lyme CLP, Unite Community Diversity & Equality Officer
Jean Watson, Bedford CLP Member CLP
Christina Lloyd Checkley, Member CLP
Louisa Johnson, Stone CLP, Unite
Kate Varnfield, Eastbourne CLP, Unison
Nod Wallman, Tring & Berkhamsted CLP
Dave Lloyd, Arfon CLP
John Worrall, Whaley Bridge CLP
Yvonne Cleland, Bexhill & Battle CLP
John Charles William Beeching, Battle & Bexhill CLP, Unite
Victoria Stewart, Na CLP
Spencer, Wingrove Ward CLP, PCS
C Larsen, South Shields CLP
Paul, Stretford & Urmston CLP, UCU
Brenda Williams, Stoke North CLP, USDAW
Linda, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Leila Sewell, Hull CLP
Ruth Rosenau, Councillor Stoke South CLP, Unite
Rupert Holman, Broxtowe CLP, Unison, Nottingham University Branch, Labour Link Officer
Tracy O’shea, Broxtowe CLP, Unison Branch Secretary at University of Nottingham
Jonathan Jones, Vale Of Glamorgan CLP
Gus Gilder, Swindon South CLP
Lawrence Maloy, Jarrow CLP, GMB
Judith Morgan, Doncaster Central CLP
Alan Hardy, Makerfield CLP
Genevieve Murray-Dinsmore, Women’s Officer Of CLP, Fabian member
Lesley Holdeb, Hexham CLP, Unison
Helen Brown, Wentworth Dearne CLP
Andrew Buttress, Stoke-On-Trent Central CLP, Unite WM5106 Political Officer, CWU Midlands No. 7
Elizabeth Griffiths, Bishop Auckland CLP tees dale branch women’s officer
Oliver Cox, Harrow West CLP, Unite
James Bradbury, Stoke Central CLP, Unite branch sec
Peter Jackson, Rochdale CLP
Alan Maddison, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP
Priya Raja, Harrow West CLP (women’s officer)
Darren Sowerby, Stockton South CLP, CWU former processing rep
Keith Seddon, Watford CLP
Terence Russell, Bristol West CLP
Paul Halter, Sutton CLP
Keith Martin, Finchley & Golders Green CLP, barnet Momentum
Robert Coppillie, Harborough CLP
Geoff Webb, Luton South CLP, PCS
Charlotte Peters Rock, Tatton CLP
Sam Gorst, Garston & Halewood CLP, Liverpool Young Labour
Cllr Greg Marshall, Broxtowe CLP, (Treasurer), Unison (WET SGE)
Carole Griffiths, North West Cambridgeshire CLP, PCS
Paul Tully, Eastbourne CLP, Mr.
Diana Davey, Torridge & West Devon CLP
Rosemary Hedges, Calder Valley CLP, Unite Community
Lillian Jones, Cunninghame South CLP
Grant Le Breuilly, Bournemouth CLP, Unite
Siobhan Mooney, Vassall Ward Clp (Lambeth) CLP, Unite (Community Member)
Brenda Sanders, Delegate. CLP, Unite
Paul Brooks, Wallasey CLP
Olwen Stevenson, Rochdale CLP Membership Secretary
H Rutherford, Chester CLP, Unison member
Graeme Phelan, Wirral South CLP, Unite, Senior Workplace Rep
Susan Dellet, Southwark CLP, Rotherhithe branch
Steve Mcmahon, Chestet CLP
David Spratt, Torridge & West Devon CLP
Alan Doyle,
Heaplinda, Kew Ward Secretary, Southport CLP
Jane Kelsall, Stoke On Trent North CLP, Unite
Eileen Murtha Brown, Aberdeenshire East CLP
Professor Bill Bowring, Colchester CLP, UCU
Kevin Webb, Wallasey CLP
Sue Davies, Wallasey CLP
Regina Fattorini, Wallasey CLP
Mark Blackmore, Harwich CLP, Unite
Nick Packham, West Worthing CLP, GMB
Jan Waterworth, Newcastle Central CLP
Alan Milne, Wirral West CLP, Unite
Kevin Morrison, Preston & Wyre North CLP, RMT branch secretary
Suki Jones, Portsmouth CLP
Nigel Wootton, Hitchin & Harpenden CLP, Labour
Hamish Haynes, Stalybridge & Hyde CLP, Unite the Union
Michelle Eades, Eltham CLP
Paul Hayes, Woking CLP
Len Briscoe, Wallasey CLP
John Maher, Birkenhead CLP, UNITE
Paul Walker, Burton & Uttoxeter CLP, Trade Union Liaison, RMT
Louise Walker, Burton & Uttoxeter CLP
Richard Knights, Liverpool West Derby (Auto Expelled 2015) CLP, NUT Sefton Treasurer
Katie, Adur & East Worthing CLP
Heather Wood, Easington CLP
John Wood, Easington CLP
Shelagh Cullity, Wallasey CLP, PCS
David Hornby, Wirral West CLP, Retired NUT
Cathy Wilson, Wallasey CLP, GMB
Miike Parsons, Southport Clp, , formerly NATFHE (now UCU)
Telboyd, Don Valley Clp (Campaign Manager, Conisbrough Branch)
Terry Sutton, Don Valley Clp (Campaign Manager, Conisbrough Branch)
Sara O’shea, Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr CLP
John Thompson, Wavertree CLP
Merrymichaelw, Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Steve Willis, Warwick & Leamington CLP
Tom Coady, Brighton & Hove CLP
Jonathan Maytham, Bristol West CLP, none
Nawal Msaad, Islington South CLP
Jimmy Gibbons, Newcastle North CLP, Unison
Simon Youel, Manchester Central CLP, Unite
Edward J Leonard, Clydeank & Mullngavie CLP
Chris Owen, Crawley CLP
Barrie Rogerson, Liverpool Wavertree CLP, Unite Community
Mr Naim Choudhury, London CLP
Darren, Labour Member
Joshua Booth, Warrington North CLP, Cheshire Rep Of North West Young Labour
Tracia Bradley, Camborne CLP
Annette Harrison, Chorley CLP
John Earle, West Lancs CLP
John Wheway, Bath & Ne Somerset CLP
Barnaby Flynn, Brighton & Hove Member CLP
Chris Billing, Totnes CLP, Nautilus UK
Stephanie Lang, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
David Lowton, St Helens North CLP
Mark Dale, South Basildon. &East Thurrock CLP
James Harland, York Central CLP, UCU, University of York Labour Club Postgraduate & Mature Students Officer
Ben Mcconaghy, West Wirral CLP, Unite
Mike Calvert, Tottenham CLP, Unison (Deputy Branch Secretary)
Terry Luke, Islington South CLP, Islington UNISON Retired Member
Stuart Dewar, Wirral West CLP
Geoff Jelly, Epsom & Ewell CLP, Unison
Mia Clarke, Nottingham CLP
Dorrie Mccallum-Banks, Hemel Hempstead CLP, BECTU – Art Branch Secretary
Amber Jacobs, Islington North CLP
John Matthewman, Wirral West (Member) CLP
Paul Doran, Cambridge CLP, BVA
Theresa Redmond, Whiston CLP
Louise Ellis, Crewe & Nantwich CLP
Linda Ellis, Hull North (Member) CLP, PCS
Stephen Bell, Wallasey, Merseyside CLP
Coilla Drake, Orkney CLP, Unite
Kathleen Crotty, Manchester Central CLP, UCU
David Allain, Bracknell Forest CLP, Unite
Debbie Shenton, Expelled From Newcastle Under Lyme CLP, NUT
Jessica Mullan, Lambeth CLP
Laura Wilson, Member CLP
Dave Bate, Bolton CLP
Marianne Mcintosh, Little Hulton CLP
Kevin Burke, Stoke-On-Trent Central CLP
Andrew Mayer, Mansfield CLP, GMB
Michael Gledson, North Tyneside CLP
Sarah Carter, South Hackney CLP, Unison
Michael Gledson, North Tyneside CLP
Sarah Carter, South Hackney CLP, Unison
Wendy Hurst, Huntingdon CLP (Labour East of England board currently suspended), ASLEF womens committee representative
Juliete De-Araujo, Bristol South CLP
Richard Wells, Ceredigion CLP CLP
Jude Rowley, Rossendale & Darwen CLP
Tony Hardwick, West Lancashire CLP
Deborah Wright, York CLP
Jenny Sanderson, Derbyshire Dales CLP, Unison
Christine Laurenson, Shetland CLP
Jocelyne Blockley, Thornburg & Yate CLP
David Scott, Wirral West CLP, Unite the union
Bill Haylock, Hexham CLP, Bywell Branch Sec, Unite, GMB
Dinah Mulholland, Ceredigion CLP (Press/Campaigns Officer), Unite
Tony Burns, Islwyn CLP,
Naomi Roberts, Bristol West CLP
John Sanderson, Derbyshire Dales CLP, Musicians Union
David Thompson, Southampton CLP, Unison
Lisbeth Campos, Richmond Park CLP, Unite
Jo Patient, Bristol West CLP
Christopher Allen, Northern Ireland Labour Party, Unison
Sarah Gill, West Bridgford CLP
Esther Giles, Bristol NW CLP, MiP
Sue Kilroe, Bristol west CLP
Ronan Dodds, Newcastle East CLP
elaine harrison, Newcastle East CLP
Veronica Bendall, Okehampton CLP CLP, UNITE
Tony Pierre, Hexham CLP CLP, Unison
Pauline Jones, Southampton CLP, Unison, former Chair, Southern District International Relations Committee
Phil Bowyer, Hexham CLP, Membership Secretary Hexham & District Branch
Anne Bowyer, Hexham CLP
Martin Relph, Wolverhampton SW CLP
Margaret Mcglynn, Unison
Kay Dickinson, Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP, Unite, Chair of Momentum North Lancs
Cllr Mike Howard, Hastings & Rye CLP, Vice-Chair Scrutiny Committee Hastings Borough Council, Unison
David Nicol, North Tayside CLP
Linda Harris, Lancaster & Morecambe CLP
Boyd David-Henry, Blackley & Broughton CLP
Bernard Glazier, Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Janvail, Ludlow CLP
Allan Challenger, Manchester Gorton CLP, Unison OLDHAM Branch Treasurer
Lesley Letts, West Dorset CLP
Rachael Mather, Kingston Upon Hull West & Hessle CLP, UNISON
Mandy Shrive, Burton & Uttoxeter CLP
Niall Davey, Leigh CLP
Kath Maguire, St Ives CLP, UCU
Katharine Wonham
Lindesay Mace,
Somerset CLP
Moshe Mankoff, West Ham CLP, Unite Rep
John Betteridgej, Gateshead CLP
Dr Joseph O’ Neill, Delegate CLP, PCS
Mandy Lawrence, Chester CLP, Momentum
A R Marchant, Hereford & Stotford CLP, Joint womans officer
Vicki Glazier, Hertford & Stotford CLP, Unite
Christine Suckley, Stowmarket CLP, Unite
Ruby Cox, Wirral South CLP, labour member
Jenny Lennox, Hastings CLP, Unison
Linda Sayle, Women’s Officer, Walthamstow CLP, NUJ & Unite
Jo Rostron, Holborn/St Pancras CLP
Steve Tappin, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, Unite
Noreen O’Sullivan
Rachel Kennedy, Liverpool Riverside Constituency CLP
Kal Ross, South West Bedfordshire CLP
Duncan Wright, Liverpool Riverside CLP, BECTU
Esther Wilson, Carlisle CLP
Lynda Sergeant, Labour Member, Member of Writers Guild
Paul Trembath CLP, Unite
Paula Clare Williams, Liverpool Riverside CLP, Unite
Claire Lees, Davenrty CLP
John Davies, Riverside CLP, Unite the Union + trade union rep
Sam Gorst, Liverpool Riverside CLP Exec – Trade Union Liaison Officer CLP, EQUITY
Karen Macfarlane, Garston & Halewood CLP
Anne, Riverside CLP, usdaw
Anne, South Beds CLP, Nasuwt
Marie Harrison, South Beds CLP, Nasuwt
Gareth O’leary, Riverside Clp Liverpool CLP, Unite the Union
Moira Kelly, Riverside CLP, NUT
David Walters, Riverside CLP
David Anderson, Riverside CLP
Johanna Pitson, Wirral South CLP
David Brown, West Wirral CLP, Unite
Audrey White, Riverside CLP, Unite
Martin Peim, Riverside CLP, Unite
John Arnold, Denton & Reddish CLP
Angela Hayden, Bexhill & Battle CLP
Terence White CLP
Clare N Ayton-Edwards, Riverside CLP, Unite Community
George Hughes, Riverside Liverpool CLP, LAA
Eric E Hanby, Kenilworth & Southam CLP, PCS
Joel Murray, Riverside , Liverpool CLP, Unite
Mohtashim, Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Julie Orourke, Riverside CLP, Unite
Daniel Lane, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Lucia Backett, No CLP, no
Jacqueline Hibbert, South Northants CLP
John Boyd
Jane Wanie, Manchester Withington Retired Member CLP, Unison retired member
Allan Challenger, St Ives CLP
Denise Orr, Bury North CLP
Sam Gorst, Warrington North CLP
Zarria Phillips, Manchester Gorton CLP, Unison
Ellie Leatherland, Grantham & Stamford (None) CLP, Retired, was Unison member previously
Michael Leatherland, Garston & Halewood CLP
Soodabeh Balali, Ne Somerset CLP, Chair Bristol Area Unite Community
David Lowton, Ashfield Clp (Delegate) CLP
Billie Reynolds, Ashfield CLP
Carol Canty, Brent Central CLP
Kevin Freeman, St Helens North CLP
Guy Jeffries, Reading West CLP, UNISON – Branch Secretary Central & East Berks UNISON
Rosie Brocklehurst, Kenilworth Southam CLP
Geoff B Lowther, Gedling CLP, Unison
Dr William Large, Thornbury & Yate CLP
Anna Price, Hastings & Rye CLP, Unite (Retired)
D Holmes, Dewsbury CLP, none
Shelia Holmes, Harlow CLP
Faraz Khan, Wallasey CLP, unite
Fran, Wallasey CLP, unite
Maureen Lindsay, Member CLP
Linda Meehan, Keighley CLP, unite
Karl Trevor, Keighley CLP
Jay Mackay, Keighley CLP
Karl Robinson, Faversham & Mid Kent – Full Member CLP
Sean Robert Meleady, South Cambs CLP, Unite
Bridget Lely, Cardiff CLP
Dave, Cardiff CLP
Monica Jervis, Norwich South CLP, NUT
Martin Woodford, Labour Party Member CLP
Chris Otoole, South Cambs CLP, RMT
Michael Robson, Chichester CLP
James Dobson, Heston & Feltham CLP
Jeff Munn-Giddings, Jarrod CLP
Andrew Nash, St Helens South CLP, NASUWT (Retired Member)
Raymond Teece, Newcastle Upon Tyne CLP
David Travis, Harwich & North Essex CLP
Mary Taylor, Hastings Clp (None) CLP
Amanda Murphy, Wrekin CLP
Sophie Shaw, Angus North CLP, FELA
Attiya, Eltham CLP, Unite, Liberty, Amnesty
Clive Richards, Salford & Eccles CLP
Peter Forrest, Bromley & Chislehurst CLP – Deputy Secretary CLP, UNITE London Hotel Workers Branch – Equality Officer