Reinstate Max and Rosie – motion passed to go to Sheffield Heeley CLP

The following motion was passed at Gleadless Valley Labour Party branch and will go forward to Sheffield Heeley CLP.  For a statement by Max (pictured above with John McDonnell) explaining his case see below and for Rosie’s statement see here.


This Meeting Notes:
1. The motion passed by GV ward, in Nov 16, calling on the NEC “to agree that disciplinary action should not be used in cases of political disagreement, within the remit of agreeing to the party’s overall aims.”
2. The motion passed by our CLP, in Nov 17, opposing, “all McCarthyite auto exclusions on political grounds.”
3. The auto expulsion of 2 members of GV ward, Rosie Huzzard and Max Munday from the Party, with no recourse to defence or appeal.
4. Rosie and Max have always been Labour supporters and have shown strong commitment to ensuring the election of a Labour government – including actively campaigning for Louise Haigh in the last general election despite their expulsions;

This meeting calls:
on the NEC to reinstate Rosie Huzzard and Max Munday as full members of the Labour Party.

We deplore the lack of due process and demand that if allegations are made that may warrant expulsion then members should be able to appeal.

We agree to send this motion to the CLP and to NEC members.


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