Harrow members unite to demand reinstatement of Rosie Woods

Harrow Momentum chair Rosie Woods was Vice Chair of Harrow West CLP, Roxeth branch secretary and a Labour Party conference delegate until she was expelled in August 2016 on charges of association with Workers’ Liberty. All her appeals have been ignored and when she applied to join the party she was rejected.

Below is an abridged and slightly edited version of the document she submitted to the party to push for her reinstatement, with support from numerous Harrow members as well as Clive Lewis MP.


“We the undersigned support the reinstatement of Rosie Woods to Labour Party membership. Rosie has always been a Labour supporter and has shown strong commitment to ensuring the election of a Labour government – including active campaigning for the local MP Gareth Thomas during the recent general election. Rosie was expelled with no recourse to an appeal. We deplore this lack of due process and demand that if allegations are made that may warrant expulsion then members should be able to appeal. Rosie would be a valuable asset to Labour and should not be excluded.”

This statement was passed by the Harrow East Labour all members meeting (the Harrow West all members meeting has voted in favour of my reinstatement). Plus signed by

Lee Johnston, Chair, Harrow West Labour Party
Shaughan Dolan, Secretary, Harrow West Labour Party
Guy Rubin, Vice Chair, Harrow East Labour Party
Barry Kendlar, Chair, Harrow East Labour party
Councillor Pamelea FitzPatrick, Harrow West Labour Party
Councillor Anne Whitehead, Harrow West Labour Party
Councillor Maxine Henson, Labour group chief whip, Harrow West labour Party
Navin Shah, London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow and Harrow East PPC
Bill Phillips, Former chair and councillor, Harrow West Labour Party
Steve Forrest, Chair Headstone South Branch Labour Party
Marylin Devine, Vice Chair, Headstone South branch Labour Party
Gerry Devine, Treasurer, Harrow Fabians
Belinda Copas, Harrow West Labour Party
Shabbir Lakha, Harrow West Labour Party
Priya Raja, Harrow West Labour Party
Rob Sale, Harrow West Labour Party
Sonum Sumaria, Harrow West Labour Party
Alice Cann, Harrow West Labour Party
Andrew John Lucas, Harrow West Labour Party
Jon Barnett, Harrow West Labour Party
Patricia Fuejo, Harrow West Labour Party
Pat Krivine, Harrow West Labour Party
Iain Farrell, Harrow West Labour Party
Adrian Sanchez, Harrow West Labour Party
Bess Oates, Harrow West Labour Party conference delegate
Paul Crimmins, Harrow West Labour Party conference delegate and TULO officer
Ben Halinski Fitzpatrick, Harrow west Labour Party youth officer
Martin Donohue, Harrow West labour Party
Sam Drury, Brent North Labour Party
Alicia Goulding, Harrow West labour Party
John Spencer Davis, Harrow West labour Party
Nirmala Rajasingham, Harrow West Labour Party and South Asian Solidarity Campaign
Sharni Dale, Harrow West Labour Party
Peymana Assad, Harrow East Labour Party, 2018 council candidate and former LCF chair
Uditha D’silva, Harrow East Labour Party
Jenner Folwell, Harrow East Labour Party
Jaiti Sharma, Harrow East Labour Party
Parth Sharma, Harrow East Labour Party
Marcel Golten, Harrow East Labour Party

Supporting statement from Clive Lewis MP

“I have known Rosie since our days campaigning in the student movement together. She is strongly committed to the labour movement and to Labour. She has worked tirelessly for Harrow Labour and, even after her unjustified and unjust expulsion, played an important role in bringing about the party’s remarkable election result in Harrow West.

“Listening to the reasons for her expulsion and knowing her well, I think it wrong that Rosie was expelled from the party and I would like to see her reinstated as soon as possible.

“Rosie’s brand of socialist politics should be welcome in our broad church. The party is a poorer place without her. She has my full support.”

Supporting statement from Jerry Miles, Roxeth branch chair and local councillor

“I would support the reinstatement of Rosie Woods to the Labour Party. Rosie was instrumental in reviving and reinvigorating the Roxeth Branch of Harrow West CLP, and worked hard in Harrow during the General Election. We are now working regularly towards the 2018 Council Elections and it would be positive to have Rosie back on board, and I hope she will have the opportunity to appeal against her expulsion.”

Supporting statement from a veteran Labour Party activist

“I have been an active supporter and member of the Labour Party all my adult life, from 18-65 (except for a couple of years after Iraq). I have knocked on doors in the rain, snow and killing heat. I love this party and its people. However, I have learnt over time, that we unfortunately have very few real leaders and motivators among our membership, either at national level, or in CLPs and branches. So my day was brightened and my mood lifted, when I first met Rosie Woods one day in Harrow Town, as we were campaigning, on our own! I knew straight away that she had an inquiring intellect and a thirst to learn from others, great energy and enthusiasm, an ability to speak with ordinary people, hear and try to understand what they have to say. I met her several times after that. I was struck again by her energy and ability to motivate members and supporters; building up a good team in a previously defunct branch and taking on a CLP post. Also, working hard, despite expulsion to get her local MP re-elected. For me, an old man, she has been the star among the hundreds of new members we have gained in this borough over the last few years. I was desperately shocked and depressed to hear about her suspension and expulsion.”

Supporting statement from Primesh Patel, Roxeth Councillor and Harrow East Labour Party

“Rosie Woods was instrumental in reviving the Roxeth Branch of Harrow West CLP, a branch which had been moribund for many years, and campaigned with us during the recent general election. I hope she is given the opportunity to appeal against her expulsion and for the correct processes to be followed when determining her appeal to be readmitted to the Labour Party.”

(Rosie and JC at Tolpuddle festival, summer 2015)

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