‘Contemporary motion’ to 2017 Labour conference

Each year each CLP can submit one contemporary motion for consideration by Labour conference. This motion circulated by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy calls for a review of the Party’s disciplinary policy and an end to unfair expulsions and suspensions.

Please consider raising with your CLP and ask them to pass motion. The deadline for submission from CLPs to Labour HQ is Thursday, Sept 14th.
For further advice or news of any successes please email us at StopTheLabourPurge@gmail.com

Campaign against unjust LP suspensions and expulsions

Conference notes the 9 August report by online political news journal SKWAWKBOX revealing the Information Commissioners Office ruling that Labour headquarters cannot trawl through members’ social media accounts for disciplinary purposes as this was a breach of the Data Protection Act because, as a ‘Data Controller’ under the Act, it does not have permission from the members to use their data for that purpose.

Conference recognises that in the past two years, particularly during the Labour Leadership contests of 2015 and 2016, a large number of Labour members were suspended, excluded or expelled from the party.

That there is a great deal of evidence that many of these members and applicants were treated as such for unclear and sometimes seemingly arbitrary reasons, and often without the transparent, time-limited process, based on natural justice recommended by Labour’s Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism and racism. [http://www.labour.org.uk/page/-/party-documents/ChakrabartiInquiry.pdf]

Conference deplores the malicious and vexatious accusations against Labour Party members that has resulted in their suspension from the party. And, that while these accusations have sometimes been overturned, they caused a great deal of distress to these individuals involved and damaged their reputation and standing within the party and the wider community.

Conference calls on the NEC to review the suspensions policy so that only in exceptional circumstances of credible accusations of hate speech, violence or threats of violence or intimidation a member is suspended whilst the allegations are investigated.

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