Momentum national committee votes to step up fight against expulsions and suspensions

Submitted by North West Region and passed unanimously

This Momentum National Committee expresses its solidarity with:

  • Party members in suspended Labour Parties including Wallasey;
  • Party members where their democratic operation is under attack, such as Liverpool Riverside whose AGM is being delayed;
  • Brighton and Hove DLP whose elections have been annulled, and
  • Members who have been unjustly suspended and expelled across the country.

The National Committee agrees to:

  1. Support activists in Wallasey CLP, Liverpool Riverside CLP and Brighton and Hove DLP in quickly re-establishing their Parties under the democratic control of their members;
  2. Investigate which other CLPs and Party Branches are suspended and why, trying to make contact with activists and offer help and support;
  3. Issue a national email to the Momentum database with a model motion urging supporters to put it to Party Branches, CLPs and affiliated Unions, to raise this issue across the country.
  4. Work with Labour Party units and Trade Unions to convene a meeting of activists to consider what further practical steps can be taken at all levels in the Party and the unions to get suspended CLPs functioning again, establish fair and proper procedures for considering complaints, and ensure that individual members are fairly treated. The meeting should be a working event, involving Momentum Steering Committee members, left wing NEC members, activists from suspended Parties, and people from the various groups which are campaigning on these issues. It should aim to draw up an agreed plan of action to assist suspended Parties and unjustly expelled or suspended members.

3 thoughts on “Momentum national committee votes to step up fight against expulsions and suspensions

  1. We must all unite and work together on this vital issue. The party rules are not fit for purpose and do not recognise natural justice. A real kick in the teeth because the Conservative party rules do.
    I am a member of a group of 900 plus party members who have compiled a review of the rules. We are seeking an independent review into how this ‘purge’ happened and why. We are seeking much needed rule changes. To that end we sent correspondence to the NEC offering our services.
    The general secretary has formally responded to inform us that he will not circulate our work to the NEC. Stating that the party rules it means the party will not allow organisations not formally affiliated to the party to get their concerns onto the agenda. What does that mean for those who, for example, submit petitions and what does that mean for democracy?
    Certain organisations are determined to make leadership elections an annual event until they get the leader they want. Imagine going through this ‘purge’ again in a few months with members subjected to processes that no employer would get away with. At the same time one group is seeking to ensure that in January CLPs elect their supporters as conference delegates to get the rule changes they want. What does that mean for the future of democratic process and OMOV?
    I call upon Momentum to work with us on this vital matter and I encourage those affected by this long drawn out process and those wishing to support those affected to join us. We offer practical support and guidance on how to deal with discipline in the party and seek to be heard.


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