Motions for CLPs and other LP bodies


This Labour Party notes the large number of members suspended and expelled over the last year, particularly during the second leadership election.

Those expelled were informed by letter and/or email, with no hearing or chance to respond to allegations (and in many cases no details of those allegations and/or no right to appeal). Those suspended faced similar problems.

We also note how Wallasey CLP and Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party have been suspended, amongst others.

The party is failing to live up to basic standards of natural justice and due process.

Use of expulsions and suspensions as a factional weapon must come to an end. We call on the party to implement the kind of procedures and standards set out in the Chakrabarti Report. The NEC should remove responsibility for these issues from the “Compliance Unit” and transfer it to a democratic, transparent, accountable body.

Everyone accused of violating the rules should be informed in writing (not in the press!), with evidence provided, and given a chance to respond and a proper hearing before any decision is taken. Penalties should be reasonable and proportionate. There should be a proper appeals system.

Previous left-wing political activity should not disqualify anyone from membership, and nor should membership of particular Labour-supporting organisations or political currents, whether on the left or right of the party. The persecution of socialist organisations including Workers’ Liberty and Socialist Appeal must end.

We call for an amnesty for all those expelled or suspended since June 2015, with any renewed disciplinary procedures run according to these kind of new rules.

Lastly we agree to support the Stop the Labour Purge national conference to organise against unjust expulsions and suspensions and for a democratic, pluralist Labour Party, hosted by Broxtowe CLP in Nottingham on and to send a representative/ representatives.

Download motion as pdf
Download as editable Word Doc


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