Labour Conference Arrangements Committee rules anti-purge motions unacceptable

It appears that all contemporary motions to Labour conference calling for action to stop the purge have been ruled out of order as they do “not meet the criteria used by the CAC to determine if an issue is contemporary”.
If this isn’t reversed on appea,l it will mean that conference will have no opportunity to pass judgement on the behaviour of the Compliance Unit over the last month.
That will mean:
1) there will be no certainty that the recommendations of the Chakrabarti report on the handling of disciplinary matters by the Party will be implemented;
2) there will be no assured right of members or supporters, threatened with suspension/ expulsion or exclusion, to have a fair hearing and a right of appeal;
3) that the Compliance Unit may be able to continue to use disciplinary action as a factional weapon against their political opponents.
The fight against the purge will however continue. And the party members will eventually win. You can’t stop democracy.


5 thoughts on “Labour Conference Arrangements Committee rules anti-purge motions unacceptable

      1. Hello Pete
        I’ve been posting on Momentum sites about this and following up responses. There is, as you will know frustration and genuine anger about this decision – although not unexpected. It is not just a Momentum issue of course. In our CLP people not supporting Corbyn voted in favour of the contemporary motion (32 votes to 1 with 2 abstentions).

        Are you attempting to get a meeting or some other protest organised during conference? I’m in Northumberland until Sat when will be arriving as visitor to conference some time early afternoon. Staying at the Adelphi in city centre with several other delegates and visitors from Hexham. It would be good to give people who respond to postings/texts/emails some other point of contact. What do you think?
        best wishes


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