Petition – Stop The Purge! For a democratic, pluralist Labour Party

This petition and the list of supporters has been relocated to this link


28 thoughts on “Petition – Stop The Purge! For a democratic, pluralist Labour Party

  1. This is damaging not only to democracy, but to the party image. If we really want to get the non party, floating and dishartened tories to vote Labour this is NOT the way to do it.


  2. If I had depicted Tony Blair in the same way as some Councillors have depicted in a loathsome way Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, I would have been suspended. Depictions often without a political argument, just sheer malice. I take it that those Councillors have voted in the leadership contest, their Labour membership intact. The blatant purge with a view to reduce the number of Corbyn supporters voting in the leadership election is a disgrace. I joined Labour so that my voice for a more just society could be heard.


  3. This is damaging to the Party, already some people have been reinstated which is good news but also serves as an indication that some decisions have been wrong. Many accounts i have seen suggest these errors of judgement are more widespread than any Party should action but for this to be the Labour Party which boasts itself a broad church and a Party of democratic socialism is quite frankly an embarrasment. Our reputation is at stake here and these actions serve the opposition more and more as each day passes.


  4. I am a mmber of the Green Party. However, I am appalled by the decision to suspend members of the Labour Paryt in this manner. I am also appalled at the hatred for Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy has brought a chink of light, of hope back that democracy may flourish once again. I do not agree with him on many matters, but he is one at present that we can look forwad to democracy again.
    Des anyone want the Tories or the Blairites in control?


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