Model resolution for Labour Party conference: against expulsions, for party democracy

(Bakers’ Union general secretary Ronnie Draper has been suspended from the party)

We are asking Constituency Labour Parties to submit the following contemporary resolution, or a version of it, to the upcoming Labour Party conference. For guidance on how to do that, see here.

The word limit is 250 (title world limit, 10). The deadline for submitting is noon on 15 September. CLPs can hold meetings to agree resolutions – they just have to decide to. For help or to let us know you’re proposing or submitting it, email

For a democratic, pluralist Labour Party

Conference notes that in late August expulsions and suspensions from the party, already numerous, rose significantly. At time of writing the number is unknown, but on 20 August the Daily Telegraph reported “thousands of Labour members… could be suspended or expelled”.

Conference notes that this includes many longstanding members, among them Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union general secretary Ronnie Draper.

We further note that at almost exactly the same time it was revealed that David Sainsbury gave £2m to the Lib Dems last year!

We believe that, however our rules change, we need to ensure they are carried out in a spirit consistent with a democratic culture. As the Chakrabarti report argues, “the Labour Party should seek to uphold the strongest principles of natural justice”, “due process” and “proportionality”.

Expulsion and suspensions should not be used as a factional weapon. Everyone should be properly informed of the charges against them in writing – not via the press! – and given a hearing before any penalty, and there should be a proper appeals system.

Anyone willing to genuinely support Labour should be welcome, subject to our rules. Previous left-wing political activity should be of no relevance; neither should membership or support of particular organisations or currents.

Conference resolves
to call on all party officials and bodies to act in the spirit of this motion.
to call on the NEC to carry out the Chakrabarti report’s recommendations.
that all those expelled or suspended who have been denied an appeal should be given one.

(250 words)


6 thoughts on “Model resolution for Labour Party conference: against expulsions, for party democracy

  1. This motion needs to include over 50 members who were expelled for ‘anti-semitism’. THis took place before this month. My conclusion in going through an ‘interview’ following my suspension, is that it is important for the CLPs to be on your side. Indeed, there needs to be a parallel investigation process that looks into the actions of Labour Party HQ. I was interviewed by London regional organisers at Horseferry Road. I was grateful for the support of Awula from Africans for JC Values. (There is a question of whether people who accompany suspended members will become Labour HQ targets.) I was suspended in May 2016 after sending an email to my party members in Islington North stating that the anti-Semitism allegations were fake and being used by Blairites and Zionists to cut the Party’s election votes and challenge his leadership. At the interview, Bennet and Sauders could not tell me which part of the rules I had broken or how I had been anti-semitic. They questionsed my use of the word ‘Zionist’ in my email. THey also produced a number of Tweets I had done concerning Israel but also on the current anti-Semitism allegations. In one Tweet that referred to the fuss over the launch of the Charabarti report, I was asked whether I was promoting an anti-Semitic troupe about Jewish control of the media when I stated that Ruth Smeeth MP had not left the launch in tears. I was asked whether my Tweet about Israel giving aid to the ISIS, as stated by a UN report, would offend Jews. I was asked if using the term ‘Judeo-Nazi’, as used in Israel, was offensive to Jews. Therefore, their case was not that I breached rules or was anti-Semitic, rather it was that it would offend Jews if I promoted evidence critical of the Israeli government. It should be noted that a now former Labour member reported the email to HQ, said it was inappropriate, but made no allegation.


  2. The motion has been amended to reference expulsions which took place before the current wave – which includes many people expelled for all sorts of reasons.


  3. I’m a full member and yet no one has expalined to me how we get invovled in the democratic process, put down amendments or support amendments. I’s support this one if I knew how!


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