Motion from Momentum London to Momentum NC on expulsions and suspensions


The following motion was passed by a big margin at the London Momentum regional delegates’ meeting on 30 April, and will go forward to the Momentum national committee in Manchester on 21 May.

Proposal 3: Against expulsions and suspensions
Submitted by Lewisham Momentum

We agree to actively oppose the expulsions and suspensions from the Labour Party of national and steering committee member Jill Mountford, Southwark activist Nick Wrack and all others expelled or suspended from the party because of their left­wing views. Momentum will actively campaign for their reinstatement as full party members.

Momentum calls and will campaign for the Labour Party Compliance Unit to be abolished or have its responsibility for membership disputes removed and for the establishment of a democratic, transparent and accountable body to deal with complaints of breach of party rules. This body should publish a clear, easy to understand and consistent set of procedures by which it will operate, which should follow the basic principles of natural justice. Everyone about whom a complaint is made should receive advance written notification of the charges and the evidence supporting them; have the opportunity to respond in writing and in person at a hearing to hear the complaint; the right to have the support and assistance at any such hearing of another person, before any decision is made. There should also be a separate, independent appeals system to review any expulsions or suspensions.

Momentum will issue a public statement to this effect and regularly issue information, statements, etc about these issues.


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