Liam McNulty reinstated – Fight and we can win!


Stop the Labour Purge campaign is pleased to report that following a successful appeal at a hearing on 23 February, Liam McNulty of Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, who was expelled in September 2015, has had his Labour Party membership reinstated.

He joins several others involved in this campaign who have had their expulsions rescinded in recent months.

At the beginning of the year, the rate of expulsions slowed down, with few new cases coming up. That changed late last month with the expulsion of high-profile socialists such as Jill Mountford.

The overturning of Liam’s exclusion, along with those of some others, is a positive sign. It shows that pursuing appeals, combined with pressure from labour movement bodies, can get results and reverse the expulsions of those socialists targeted by the unelected Compliance Unit.

Stop the Purge will continue to provide a network for those unfairly excluded from the Labour Party, seek to build wider labour movement support against the expulsions of left wing activists, and keep up the pressure for an overhaul of party rules to replace the system of automatic exclusions with a fair, open and democratic process.


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