Statement against expulsions and for scrapping Compliance Unit from Young Labour officers and activists


The following statement was supported by delegates and observers at Young Labour conference 2016, including the new Young Labour chair and several members of the new YL national committee. All signatories pc.

Background: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for the Compliance Unit to be scrapped. This unit, an unaccountable body which has no mandate to exist in the Labour Party constitution, has expelled numerous supporters of Jeremy Corbyn from the party, targeting supporters of left wing groups such as Workers’ Liberty but also many others. It seemed expulsions had come to an end, but they began again in late February, including a member of the national Momentum steering committee, Jill Mountford.

“We need unity to fight the Tories. We want factionally motivated expulsions to come to an end, and the Compliance Unit to be replaced with a democratic, accountable, transparent system of dealing with membership disputes. We need a culture in the party which combines unity in campaigning with freedom of opinion and discussion.”

Caroline Hill, Young Labour chair
Ollie Hill
, LSESU Labour, left candidate for Labour Students chair
James Elliott
, Oxford East CLP, left candidate for Labour NEC youth rep
Rhea Wolfson
, Eastwood CLP, Young Labour national committee
Rida Vaquas
, Tamworth CLP, Young Labour NC West Midlands rep
Sabrina Huck
, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP, Young Labour NC London rep
Asher Mohammed
, Young Labour Under 19s Officer
Rachael Ward, Hackney South CLP, London Young Labour committee
Michael Chessum, Tottenham CLP, Young Labour LGBT officer
James McAsh, London Young Labour, youth rep on London Labour regional board
Humaira Garasia, London Young Labour
Jamie Green, Goldsmiths Labour Club chair
Joe Day, Torridge and West Devon CLP
Ramesh Mendis, Nottingham East CLP
James Grundy, UCLU Labour
Vijay Jackson, Edinburgh University
Nathan Steele, UCLU Labour
Deborah Hermanns, LSESU Labour
Toby Peacock, Goldsmiths Labour
Michael Muir, Oxford University Labour Club
Councillor Joe Rayment, Bath CLP
Hattie Craig, Islwyn CLP
Dexter Govan, Aberdeen Donside
Yolly Chegwidden, Coventry
Ella Thorp, Newcastle East CLP
Rory Scothorne, Edinburgh South CLP
Harry Glass, City of Durham CLP
Liam Gleeson, Scottish Young Labour
Jacob Bishop-Ponte, North East Somerst CLP
George Aylett, North East Somerset CLP
James Harland, York Central CLP
Monty Shield, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Ewan Gibbs, Glasgow Uni Labour Club
Pete Higgins, Stirling CLP
Conor Boyes, Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Alistair Craig, Scottish Labour Students
Hannah Sketchley, Cambridge CLP
Joseph Lee, Glasgow Uni Labour Club
Elizabeth Warnock, Bury South CLP
Zoe Salanitro, Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Maisie Sanders, Gloucester CLP
Thom Kirkwood, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Jordan Blyth, Middlesborough CLP
George Kendall, North Dorham CLP
Charlotte Austin, Bishop Auckland CLP
Ruben Brett, Brighton and Hove Young Labour Secretary
Gilbert Botham, UCL


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