Official Momentum statement in support of Jill Mountford, steering committee member expelled by the Compliance Unit


“Momentum condemns the expulsion of Jill Mountford, an elected member of our Steering Committee, from the Labour Party. We believe this is an unjust decision by the Labour Party Compliance Unit. Jill is a respected activist, well known for her NHS campaigning in Lewisham and nationally. She remains utterly committed to the Labour Party and will be appealing this decision. Jill will continue to campaign for Labour and encourage others to join the party. Ironically, Jill found out about her expulsion on returning from a canvassing session for Sadiq Khan’s mayoral campaign. Momentum will be supporting Jill in her appeal to the Labour Party and also calls on the Compliance Unit to act with far greater transparency and consistency to restore faith in the Party’s membership processes. Jill will remain a member of Momentum’s Steering Committee.”

For more on Jill’s case, see here.

Nick Wrack expelled


Following the recent expulsions of Jill Mountford and Cathy Nugent, members of the Lewisham Labour Parties, on grounds of association with Workers’ Liberty, Nick Wrack has been expelled from Camberwell and Peckham Labour Party, also in South London.

All these expulsions have been carried out by the shadowy “Compliance Unit”, an (unelected) subsection of Labour Party head office given no authority by the Labour Party rulebook which nonetheless has declared itself to have powers to decree “automatic” expulsion.

The Compliance Unit wrote to Nick to say that the CLP had been given extended time to object to his membership, and then to say that the CLP officers had in fact objected. No charges, no hearing.

Nick, brother of FBU leader Matt Wrack is a longstanding left activist. It is a scandal that the Compliance Unit hunts him down yet welcomes people from Ukip and the Tory party with open arms.

Rule change for CLPs to submit to Labour Party conference 2016: “A disciplinary code that meets standards of natural justice”

We are promoting the following rule change for Constituency Labour Parties to submit to Labour Party conference 2016. If your CLP has submitted it or you would like help submitting, get in touch:

NB CLPs can submit one rule change OR one policy motion to the conference. If successful at conference, the rule change will have to pass again next year to come into effect. But we need to get started! Continue reading